Budget Kormoran

The Kormoran series of boats are considered the finest charter boats in Europe. The cozy Stahlverdränger developed by KUHNLE-TOURS is specifically for charter operations. They are easy to maneuver and offer all the comforts below deck.

ideal areas

Mecklenburg Lake District

The Mecklenburg Lake District consists of over 1000, largely interconnected lakes leading you through a trip of wonderful nature and history. The banks of the waterways are fringed by forests, meadows and marshes. Nature dominates the landscape, but unusually the infrastructure in the region is well developed. Plau, Fleesensee, Kölpinsee and the queen of all German lakes - the Müritz - form the Mecklenburg Upper Lakes. Each of these four lakes is impressive by its majestic size. These lakes are known as the the blue quartet and are 62 meters above sea level.

There are no locks and only a few bridges here, making it an ideal place for houseboats and sailing.

Mosel and the Rhine-Marne Canal

The 290 km long Rhine-Marne Canal connects the Rhine valley basin of Paris. The channel runs from the Rhine at Strasbourg to Vitry-le-François behind Toul - briefly interrupted by the canalized Moselle between Toul and Frouard. In Frouard the Mosel (Moselle) from the Rhine-Marne Canal branches in the north. It rises in the Vosges Mountains and flows 544 kilometers according to the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz in the Rhine.


Hollands fresh west, the Friesland is an Elderado for any water sports enthusiast - everywhere there are great facilities. From restaurants to supermarkets - almost everything can be easily reached by boat in Holland. Easy docking facilities are available in large numbers and many places have created special walkways along the waters edge. It is an ideal place for boating. 


Over 300 kilometers of waterways form the Vistula Delta. It is known in Polish as the Vistula-Werder-ring. The special magic of the district is formed by the landscape, which is one-third below sea level and therefore is exceptionally wet. The reed beds and meadows are the habitat for many animals and are often covered with migratory birds.

The area has been inhabited since the 13th century. Today there are still spectacular, Gothic, castles and churches and many industrial monuments of hydraulic engineering.

perfect for


This traditional style, easy to maneuver boat is suitable for families. This boat works well across the generations. It offers a comfortable living area, a large sun deck, wide swim platform and the well-equipped cabins have ample space. . Across the series there is great storage for toys, glasses, phones, sunscreen, binoculars and all the other paraphernalia.


This cozy steel boat is particularly popular with groups who want to holiday together. They are easy to maneuver and offer all the comforts below deck. All Kormoran boats have an additional control station on the aft deck. Behind the outside helm is a large deck on which the whole crew can sit comfortably around a table. Tables and chairs are of course on board. The bow is the best place to be if you want to quietly read a book or simply be on your own.

The roof of the forward cabin is a great sitting area. Put your feet over the bow and feel the water from the bow wave. 

Dog Lovers

Pets are welcome on our houseboats. The Kormoran boats are easy for dogs to board and the swimming platform is at a good height for dogs. There are side exits from the saloon and no steep ladder style stairs.


For couples who do not want to miss out on holiday on spaciousness and comfort, the Kormoran series are perfect. The spacious salon, the sun deck, the comfortable cabins and the wide swim deck provide a feeling of luxury.