The KUHNLE-TOURS-boating FAQ's


Bookings can be made online or by calling us directly. Our team will do their best to accommodate your first choice but it is always good to have a second choice alternative available especially during peak season. The information we need to assist you quickly is:

- Dates

- Destination

- Type of boat

- Alternatives

Once a decision has been made, the booking confirmation will be sent out to you. This must be completed, signed and returned within a week. Please note a 40% prepayment is required at the time of booking.


Exclusive boat package

Includes bed-linen, hand towel and beach towel (depending on the number of people), tea towels (2 for each boat, 3- and 4-cabin boat: 3 for each boat), dishwashing-liquid, sponge cloth, toilet paper (one role for each bathroom), hand soap (one for each bathroom). Inclusive at Primus-Kormoran, Aquino and Haines. See extras for further detials.


The complete rental price have to be paid in advance via bank transfer, cheque or cash. Deposits are to be paid at the embarkation in cash. Most of the bases accept credit cards (Visa or Mastercard) – for further information, please contact us.


A deposit for the boat is required at the time of embarkation. The amount of deposit depends on the destination (1.200/2.000 Euro). You can pay in local currency or with your credit card (Visa/MasterCard). At the end of your holiday the deposit will be reimbursed. Deductions will be made if the boat is:

- Not clean on handover

- The boat is damaged in any way

- Not returned on time

- There is no notification of a liability claim.

Please note that the deposit is your excess should there be a participation in hull and liability claims (see general terms and conditions). We offer a collision damage waiver which will reduce your excess and accordingly the deposit to 250 Euro. Please note that the deposit of 2.000 Euro for the boat for cruises on the river Elbe or Oder can not be reduced. In addition to the deposit for the boat a deposit for fuel of 190 Euro will be charged.


KUHNLE-TOURS has no hidden charges. Charges for used fuel, heating, gas and motor oil will vary depending upon the size of the boat you have chartered. These are chargeable at disembarkation. The average costs are about 190 Euro per week.


Oneways offer the advantage that no river, lake or canal has to travelled twice, BUT:

- Oneways have to be booked at time of initial booking.

- Not included in the oneway-surcharge is the car or crew transfer. The surcharge only covers the additional expenses the charter company has stipulated.

- Oneways are always booked subject to a change of direction. This change of direction is invoked if there is an unforeseen situation. In exceptional circumstances they also reserve the right to change a oneway to a return journey (Your surcharge will be reimbursed). This change will not entitle the charterer to cancel his contract.


The charter price includes a liability as well as a hull insurance. Any damage incurred will be deducted from your deposit up to the maximum amount of deposit paid. Further information can be found in our terms and conditions. Please note that personal baggage as well as personal injuries are not included in the insurance. We recommend that you take out insurance to cover baggage, accident and health. In addition third party liability insurance should also be obtained. Insurance to cover cancellation should be taken out at the time of booking.


You will only need this certificate if you do not hold a boating licence or a boating licence is not required in your home country. This certificate confirms that you are cruising without a boating licence, but at the same time that you have received thorough instruction so that you can drive the boat with ease. The charter certificate enables you to explore the Lake District of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, some water districts of Brandenburg, as well as the Mazurian lakes in Poland. Further information here

New: Licence free cruising on all German waters with vetus 900, Febomobil, Traria and bellus 750 (boats up to 15 HP/11,03 kW).


We also offer the possibility of day trip hire. This is subject to availability. Click here for the rates.


Driving licence
In France, a driving licence is not normally required, although there is the occasional small exception to this rule. On the German waterways you will only need a sport boat driving licence should one be required in your home country (for example Poland, Czech and Spain). For many of the inland waters in Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Poland (Great Mazurian Lakes) you will only need a charter-certificate which reflects a three hours introduction. Click here for further information about licence free waterways. 


It is helpful to plan your arrival so that you do not have a long waiting time prior to getting your boat. Note that the boat introduction for clients without a boating licence in Germany starts at 2.30 pm.


With the exception of our small sports boats, every boat runs on diesel. The fuel tanks are large enough so that you will not have to refuel your tank during a two weeks trip. Note that fuel usage is deducted from your initial deposit.


Planning your trip
A waterway guide is included with your travel documents. This assists you to plan your boating holiday. It contains detailed information about berthing facilities, trips to go ashore, locks and their hours of operation and much more. Detailed maps of the waters you will navigate are available on board. Please note that in some areas these are in German only, but in our waterway guides we work with pictograms wherever possible.


Captain’s Manual
All bookings include a Captain’s Manual – covering everything from the equipment on board to information on the locks you will navigate during your boating holiday. This will be sent out to you prior to commencement of your holiday.



Beginners can navigate through the locks without any difficulty as the Captain's Manual contains all you need to know.

For locks in Germany, Poland and France no lock fees are due. In France there are still some manual locks where etiquete demands that you should assist the lock keeper. You can give him or her a small tip if you like. On some bridges in Germany you will also be expected to pay a little. Please click here for further information: Pass a lock with a houseboat



For our latest updates and offers please see our news feature.



Parking spaces are available at all locations. In addition there are manned car parks or garages at some locations.


Seamiles (Our loyalty scheme)
Seamiles are available for you to collect as part of our premium system to thank you for your loyalty and holidays with KUHNLE-TOURS.



is possible from every boat in nearly every destination. Please pay attention to the local restriction. For further information please click here.


Arrival- and departure date

You can charter our boats on all bases from various dates. Please have in mind that the arrival and departure dates can not be seen as holiday days. The embarkation starts at 3 pm. The disembarkation is at 8:30 am.

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