Life on board

Time for friends and adventures

A holiday on a houseboat means peaceful, gently flowing rivers, channels, canals and silent lakes with only the quiet murmuring of the engine to disturb your serenity. A holiday on a houseboat also means having time to enjoy the wonderful nature both in the water and along the shoreline as well as the company of your family and friends. On a houseboat holiday there is always time to enjoy the countryside, the people, the delicious gourmet meals and of course there’s always time for yourself.


The KUHNLE-TOURS team is looking forward to helping you plan your holiday. What would you like to experience? A trip on a river with all the comfort of a luxury apartment? To explore the lakeside with a canoe? Or would you prefer to experience some of Europe’s most majestic lakes on board a modern sailing yacht? With KUHNLE-TOURS you choose the duration and the program of your boating holiday, we take care of the rest.

Which area would you like to discover?
The rivers and lakes of Germany are celebrated for their rich natural diversity. The French waterways are unique with historic sights and of course the "Cuisine Francaise”.
Wherever you choose to travel we are sure you will have an enjoyable journey both into the past and into the future. Old canals, ancient castles, magnificent churches and cathedrals and the wonderful landscapes that line the water: a houseboat holiday is the perfect combination of culture and nature.

Your boat is both your home away from home and means of travel

You decide when and where you moor and we can assure you that our houseboats are so easy to handle and manoeuver that you will soon be driving your boat like an experienced skipper. Our boats are all specifically constructed for charter-holidays and have all important technical equipment.


Mazury - pure nature
Aquino 1190 mit Badeplattform, Badeleiter und AußenduscheAquino 1190 - with your own bathing platform