Boating on European Waterways

KUHNLE-TOURS offers houseboats for two to twelve persons in the most beautiful charter areas in Germany, Poland, Luxembourg and France. Please choose between a trip to the Lake District of Mecklenburg, along the historical Finow Canal, a cruise on the Lower Havel and the river Elbe, boating holidays at the idyllic Alsace-Lorraine, the river Mosel (Moselle) and the river Saône or a cruise through Berlin. We do also offer houseboat holidays at the Baltic Sea starting from Stralsund or at the the calm and beautiful waters of the Mazurian Lakes.

Discover the capital of Germany from a different angle!


The Brandenburg Gate, symbol of the divided city, is only a few steps from the banks of the river Spree. Pass by the ‘Museumsinsel’ where Nofretete is waiting for you. The 183 kilometres of city canals and rivers offer a wonderful opportunity to discover the unique appeal of the different parts of town.

Take a trip Southweast until you reach the waterways around Potsdam. The palace of Sanssouci takes you back in time to the 18th century. Follow the Havel-Oder-Waterways Northeast of Berlin and discover a descriptive example of engineering: the boat-lift of Niederfinow - the oldest one in Germany which is still in operation (built in 1934).


Become your own captain!


KUHNLE-TOURS gives you the opportunity to experience the perfect boating holidays. We own more than 130 boats at seven locations in Germany, one in Poland and two in France. Discover Europe`s finest waterways.


New in 2014: Cruises on the river Saône in Eastern Burgundy and roundtrips on the river Elbe and to Potsdam


Please click on the right button to check availability and book online your favourite boat, send us an e-mail with your individual request or give us a call: 0049 (0)3 98 23 – 2 66-0.


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We are looking forward to welcoming you aboard!


Enjoy the natural beauty of Mecklenburg and Brandenburg!


Our main base is right in the centre of a paradise. 2500 km of rivers, lakes and canals are waiting for you. Nearly untouched nature with wild flowers and rare waterbirds form this landscape. You will pass one lake after another, each as beautiful as the last, but none the same. Cruise along historical canals and discover technical benchmarks


The sovereigns have built here their fairytale castles, like Schwerin, Mirow or Rheinsberg which have opened their doors for you. Cultural festivals are taking place all over the country. A journey you will never forget.


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