Aquino 1190

Have a look at our Aquino! It combines comfort with the bold lines of contemporary yacht building. A luxurious lounge, underfloor heating, heated towel rail in the bathroom, a cushioned sunbathing area and the wireless hotspot provide the touches of luxury. The joystick technology ensures maximum driving pleasure. Elegance and sophistication - just for you!

  • Aquino 1190 (5+2 pers.)

    das Hausboot Aquino als Badesteg nutzen

    The modern houseboat in yacht look convinces with many extras and an elegant appearance.

    Aquino 1190

ideal areas

Berlin and Potsdam

Das Hausboot vetus 900 fährt vorbei an der Museumsinsel in Berlin.

Many major cities are located on the water, but only one is passable with charter boats: Berlin. The city has a good network of waterways from bustling canals, small and large lakes and romantic waterways. The 183 km long inner-city waterways offer a perfect road network with few locks. The city has twelve water ways, which leads you to almost every attraction in the capital.

The Potsdamer Havel has many mooring facilities, which is unique for the entire Mecklenburg and Märkischen waters. Boaters are welcome everywhere. The lakes of the Potsdamer Havel are beautiful, but you should not forget to visit Potsdam and the many castles and estates.

Perfect for

Everyone who wants a modern boat

Our Aquino is a real eye-catcher with a boat layout, which reveals the finesse at first glance. The Aquino can be controlled intuitively with a joystick, similar to a computer game control. Convenience and comfort are very important: galley and lounge are located in the salon, all stairs are designed with a tilt angle of near 45 degrees, there are firm handrails throughout the boat, bright and energy saving LED lighting at the same time and fog-free double glazing.

The saloon has a 360 degree view. This is a well conceived boat. No matter which weather, this boat makes boating fun. 

Families who love a little luxury

Ein Mädchen spielt auf dem Hausboot Aquino und lächelt

Good boat design, easy and safe handling, easy access throughout the boat and a high level of comfort make this boat ideal for families.

The decor is luxurious and includes besides the teak deck on the bow and on the aft deck, a cushioned sunbathing area on the rooftop lounge. The Aquino is equipped with its own Wi-Fi hotspot and provided excellent reception all the time. 

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