Day charter - the special holiday experience

eine Familie auf einem Hasuboot

Are you looking for a highlight for your holiday?


How about a day of houseboating.


Whether bathing fun on the Müritz, a leisurely fishing trip or simply sailing where you want to go - you are the captain and decide where you want to go.


Your crew can consist of up to 12 persons, so you will certainly get a navigator, a ship's cook and deck boys. 

Day charters are only possible in Germany with an inland sports boat licence.


In the low season you can always book a boat for your day charter trip. (Except Sundays)


Day charters are only available by telephone 03 98 23 - 2 66-0, by inquiry form or e-mail (info(at) bookable. 

Boat Harbour Date Price License free
Febomobil 1180 Hafendorf Müritz 22.09.2023    350,- € yes

Febomobil 720

Febomobil 870

Febomobil 990

Febomobil 1180

Febomobil 720 open

Kormoran 940

Kormoran 1140

Kormoran 1280

Kormoran 1500

Pirate 1200 G

Haines 1190

vetus 900

vetus 1000

vetus 1200 K3

vetus 1500


Kormoran 1150



Grommer 800

bellus 750