active and enjoyable holidays on a boat

Water sports and mobility impairments are not compatible? With us you can have both!

Since 2014 we offer accessible houseboats. With our Febomobil 990 and 1180 you can have wonderful holidays even with mobility impairments.

We paid special attention to the roll-under control station, that wheelchair user can handle it too. In the interior of the houseboat we mind the enlarged doors and that the bathroom is accessible for wheelchairs.

Experience the freedom on our houseboat Febomobil. Explore the Mecklenburg and Brandenburg waters on one’s own and enjoy extraordinary holidays.

We would like to advice you for your individual trip for your houseboat holidays.



•    Unrestricted access to the boat
•    Completely at ground level
•    Roll-under control station
•    Roll-under sink
•    Clearance width entrance: 1,17 m
•    Clearance width bathroom door: 0,82 m
•    Strap at the toilet 
•    Sitting area in the shower

  • Febomobil 990 (3+2 pers.)

    The slightly smaller boat with one bedroom and one bathroom - ideal for 2 to 5 persons.

    Febomobil 990 (3+2 Pers.)

German video about accessible houseboat holidays

Accessible houseboat holidays – report

Boat holidays on wheels 

''Tomorrow morning our trip will end at the small village Granzow, we are a little bit wistful because of all the memories and great experiences we made. We try to recall the past and remind of the trip: the fear from the beginning against the locks and the wind is completely gone. We remember all the friendly people, which we met and their willingness to help us on every place. We remind all the memorable views to the nature, all the beautiful places, the grey herons and kingfishers.

It was a different holiday, a change of the perspective and a new discovery of our homeland, anti-stress cure inclusive. We learned a lot and mastered many challenges, now we are recovered, and stronger, because of this adventure. There might be people, who think houseboat holidays are like camping on the water, but for us it was much more exciting, educational and full of special moments.''


houseboat Febomobil 1180 - accessable

Febomobil 1180

houseboat holidays - enjoy the nature

sunset on the houseboat

accessable bathroom

kitchen - Febomobil 1180

cabin Febomobil - accessable

lounge Febomobil

height-adjustable control station