Every person is different - we have the right type of boat for you

Can you be mobility impaired and go on a boating holiday? With us, you can! Our Febomobil 990, Febomobil 1180 and Sauna houseboat are accessible and designed for the most wonderful holidays.

The boat is all on one level. Inside the boat, we have enlarged doorways and a wheelchair accessible bathroom.

The helming station has been specially designed to enable wheelchairs to easily have access.

Access to the jetty via an accessible ramp. If the water level is low the ramp incline may mean assistance is required by our helpful harbour team.
Experience the freedom on our houseboat Febomobil and Sauna houseboat. Explore the Mecklenburg and Brandenburg waters on one’s own and enjoy extraordinary holidays.

Please note: The aft outdoor area as well as the sun deck on the roof are not accessible on wheels. For this reason, a pedestrian must be on board during the trip.

The barrier-free Febomobil is available in two sizes:

Febomobil 990 with one sleeping cabin and one bathroom (both accessible).

Febomobil 1180 with two sleeping cabins and two bathrooms, of which one sleeping cabin and one bathroom is accessible.

Whether Febomobil or Sauna Houseboat, all boat types are certified according to the strict criteria of Travel for All.

Here we have summarized some notes for individual restrictions. But: Every person is different. Only you can judge whether you feel comfortable on board with your particular disability. Are the rungs of the ladder still close enough together for your dwarfism? Is the contrast of the wooden strip to the cabin wall strong enough for your eyes? If you are unsure and we cannot help you in a telephone conversation or chat, please come aboard. We will be happy to show you our boats at our locations. Please understand that we cannot communicate in sign language.

visual impairment

blind crew members or crew members with impaired vision are welcome on board. The Kormoran and Febomobil series are mainly equipped with contrasting colours so that corners and edges are clearly visible. The light switches also stand out from the background. On both boat types, handrails can be gripped anywhere on the deck in the outside area. There is no lettering in Braille. Since the engine noise overlays other housings, blind and visually impaired people cannot be alone in a houseboat.


small-grown crew members

small-grown crew members are welcome on board. There is enough space on all boats to place a ladder or a folding stool safely. Please make sure yourself that your climbing aids do not slip and especially not in wet conditions. Small children who are able to reach the bow and stern of the rented boat without a climbing aid and to moor the boat fore and aft can also travel without a tall crew member if all the climbing aids that are otherwise required are available twice. Our instructors will be happy to help you move the inventory to the lower cupboard areas. Please note that not all storage areas are accessible (for example the wall cupboards above the bed).


hearing impairment

deaf crew members or crew members with impaired hearing are welcome on board. Radio, sonar and control panels can be visually distinguished. Nevertheless, there is no optical marking of the engine alarm. Therefore our houseboats are not designed to allow deaf people to travel alone.

psychological restrictions

crew members with psychological restrictions are welcome on board, but should not be on board without assistance. Houseboats usually have many windows, so that there is no feeling of confined space, but a sleeping cabin can still seem cramped to claustrophobics. The vastness of the lakes, which most people find liberating, can act as a trigger for agoraphobics. Since spiders feel especially comfortable near water, houseboats are not a good place for arachnophobics. Acrophobic people who can stand up to two metres in height should have no problems on a houseboat. Please take the opportunity to have a look at our boats without obligation.



  •     Completely at ground level
  •     Roll-under control station
  •     Roll-under sink
  •     Sink fitting can be operated in a sitting position
  •     kitchen with base cabinet pullouts and drawers
  •     Fridge accessible in a sitting position
  •     Clearance width entrance: 1,17 m
  •     Clearance width bathroom door: 0,82 m
  •     Clearance width cabin door 0,82 m
  •     Grab handle available at the toilet
  •     Space for maneuvering next to the toilet
  •     Possibility to sit in the shower
  •     Space for maneuvering next to the bed
  •     Storage space in the cabinet mostly accessible in a sitting position
  •     Coat hooks accessible in sitting and standing position
  •     Flexible handles with suction cups on board (only takeover Hafendorf Müritz & Zeuthen)
  •     Foldable aluminum ramp on board
  •     12-volt supply during the trip and at anchor
  •     230-volt supply with shore connection at port

handing over Hafendorf Müritz

  • The port has paved roads and parking areas
  • Restaurant Captains Inn and beach bar Pirates Bar are accessible on wheels
  • There is a barrier-free bathroom in the sanitary building
  • Access to the jetty via floating jetty and stepless ramps (depending on the water level, assistance may be required for the ascent, our harbour team will be happy to assist)


handing over Priepert

  • The port has gravel paths and parking areas
  • The restaurant can be reached on wheels, there is a step to the minimarket
  • Access to the jetty is unpaved and sloping, depending on the water level assistance may be needed, the harbour team is happy to assist, the jetty itself consists of wide floating jetties


handing over Berlin-Zeuthen

  • The port has paved paths and parking areas, access to the fixed jetty is through a lawn
  • The fixed landing stage has a sliding edge of about 5 centimetres high, which can be bridged with the board ramp
  • Depending on the water level, there may be an incline to the boat, so that if necessary, a completely barrier-free jetty in the neighbourhood can be used

handing over Berlin City Marina Rummelsburg (only in winter)

  • The port has paved roads and parking areas
  • Access to the jetty via floating jetty and stepless ramps (depending on the water level assistance may be required, the harbour team will be happy to assist)
  • The restaurant can be reached on wheels


  • Febomobil 990 (3+2 pers.)

    The slightly smaller boat with one bedroom and one bathroom - ideal for 2 to 5 persons.

    Febomobil 990 (3+2 Pers.)
  • Febomobil 1180 (5+2 pers.)

    The largest houseboat of the Febomobil series is with its two sleeping cabins and two bathrooms.

    Febomobil 1180 (5+2 pers.)
  • Sauna houseboat

    Our sauna houseboat is new since 2021 and offers a unique sauna experience for everyone.

    Sauna houseboat (2+2 Pers.)

Being a wheelchair user or otherwise mobility-impaired person on board a houseboat is fun, but comes with new and perhaps unfamiliar obstacles associated. We have made every effort at Hafendorf Müritz to remove such barriers and make vacationing possible for everyone.


This is what you can expect at Hafendorf Müritz:

• the jetty is accessible via a ramp (its inclination depends on the water level)
• the floating harbor office is accessible via a ramp with an 8% inclination
• two handicapped parking spaces are available for people with appropriate authorization
barrier-free bathroom in the harbor building (Euro key)
Captains Inn restaurant accessible to wheelchair users indoors and outdoors
Pirates Bar beach bar partially accessible for wheelchair users
camping car marina: There is a sanitary room for people with disabilities in the washhouse. Assistance dogs (companion dogs, guide dogs for the blind, etc.) may be brought along. Exterior walkways usually have a visually contrasting and/or tactile sidewalk boundary.


Please note: The boating world has not been accessible to wheelchair crews at all for a very long time and is only slowly opening up. You, as a wheelchair user, can help speed up this process by explaining your needs to us and to others along the way. Become visible!

  • Barrier-free gastronomy Hafendorf Müritz

    We do everything to make everyone feel comfortable with us!

    Pirates Bar and Captains Inn
  • Camping with handicap at the Müritz

    Whether with motorhome or camper - we offer everyone a piece of freedom!

    Camping Car Marina Müritz
  • Marina and charter station for all

    Ramps and sanitary facilities for mobility-impaired charter guests and boat owners!

    Marina Müritz

German video about accessible houseboat holidays

Accessible houseboat holidays – report

Boat holidays on wheels 

''Tomorrow morning our trip will end at the small village Granzow, we are a little bit wistful because of all the memories and great experiences we made. We try to recall the past and remind of the trip: the fear from the beginning against the locks and the wind is completely gone. We remember all the friendly people, which we met and their willingness to help us on every place. We remind all the memorable views to the nature, all the beautiful places, the grey herons and kingfishers.

It was a different holiday, a change of the perspective and a new discovery of our homeland, anti-stress cure inclusive. We learned a lot and mastered many challenges, now we are recovered, and stronger, because of this adventure. There might be people, who think houseboat holidays are like camping on the water, but for us it was much more exciting, educational and full of special moments.''


Houseboat Febomobil 1180 - hanicapped accessible

enjoy natur during your houseboat trip

sunset at a house boat

fully accessible bathroom

kitchen - Febomobil 1180

cabine Febomobil - fully accessible

living room Febomobil

accessible steering position

coming into a harbour

at a river

Febomobil 1180

going to bed fully accessible



fully accessible

harbour with an weehlchair