For new or experienced captains

The KUHNLE-TOURS fleet has been put together to accommodate all levels of experience. All of the boats are easy to maneuver and are fully equipped. The boats have aft and bow thrusters and many use cutting-edge technology joysticks for helming. 

Enjoy the challenge and relax on a houseboat holiday.


beginners areas

Mecklenburg Great Lakes

Luftaufnahme, ein Hausboot fährt in eine Bucht mit Bootshäusern

Plau, Fleesensee, Kölpinsee and the queen of all German lakes - the Müritz - form the Mecklenburg Upper Lakes. Together with several smaller connecting lakes and canals they form the highest point of the river system, the other part flows over the Havel on the one hand and the Elde the Elbe. Each of these four lakes impressed by its majestic size, so the blue quartet called in 62 meters height above sea level and large lakes. Since there are no locks and only a few bridges here, the lakes are very large and there are numerous moorings, it is an ideal house boat area for beginners and less experienced.

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das Hausboot Kormoran auf einem masurischen See

The scenic beauty of the Great Masurian Lakes is legendary. The glacial moraine consists of nearly 3,000 lakes with a size of about one hectare. 25 of the most beautiful lakes are connected by picturesque canals and idyllic rivers and almost free of locks. The smaller lakes are called, in Polish "flowery" and " sky eyes " because the clouds are reflected in emerald green and ultramarine blue water. An excellent spot for all boat newbies!

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beginners boats

Kormoran 1140

Ein Hausboot fährt über einen See, mit an Bord sind Fahrräder, gut befestigt in einem Fahrradständer

The Kormoran 1140 is a modern houseboat in traditional style with two cabins, a large sun deck, a large swim platform with boarding ladder and outdoor shower. This excellent steel boat was developed by KUHNLE -TOURS specifically for charter operations and has a hydraulic bow thruster making it very easy to handle and an ideal boat for all beginners.

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Vetus 1200 K3

Mehrere Paare fahren mit dem Hausboot vetus 1200 über die ruhige Müritz.

This modern house boat is a motor cruiser purely for inland water. It has 3 cabins in the stern and can be easily maneuvered using the bow and stern thrusters.

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Which boats are suitable for my boating holiday?

Hausboot Urlaub auf der Mecklenburgischen Seenplatte

Which boats are suitable for my boating holiday?

All of our houseboats are also suitable for houseboat newbies, as they are easy to maneuver and specially designed for charter operations. Almost all our houseboats have a hydraulic bow thruster (sometimes also stern thruster and joystick control) and are therefore ideal houseboats for all beginners, even without a boat license.

You can choose your houseboat according to your personal wishes. If you are planning a holiday with a larger group or family, you will find the right boat from 2 to 12 people for your holiday with the various models such as Cormorant, vetus or Pirate. If comfort and joystick control are important then maybe the Aquino is the perfect boat for your vacation. But our Kormoran houseboats offer a lot of comfort and individual design options. So you can make a double bed in two easy steps, depending on the needs of your crew.

If you don’ t know yet whether you want to rent a holiday home or a houseboat for your next holiday, then the Febomobil is the right choice. Here, the feeling of a holiday home combines with the freedom of a houseboat. So you can, for example, on the large roof terrace of the Febomobil 1180 enjoy nature to the fullest.

Boating Questions

Why are houseboats so big?

True, our largest cormorant is 15 meters long and 4.35 meters wide. But a lock is about 40 meters long and 5 meters wide. They may be big but our fleet has been designed to be easy to maneuver and remember travelling speed is always slow.


What about the other waterway users?

Compared to road transport, the traffic on water is negligible. On water, if you see another boat, unlike on roads, you will probably be travelling at the same pace. The majority of time you can expect to only be sharing the waterway with nature. 


Do I need to be able to navigate?

If you can read a road map, then you will be able to navigate the waterways. Remember, travelling on the waterways is much slower than by road so there is more time to decide which way to go and less chance of any heated discussions. 

And if I don't respond quickly enough?

Take it easy, on the houseboat everything goes much slower than you are used to. The speed limit is just 10 miles per hour on the waterway so there is always time to think again. 


I don't know the rules on the water!

Fortunately, boating was invented before bureaucracy. The traffic rules are usually characterized by logic and reason, so if in doubt common sense should prevail. 


How are we all going to fit on a boat?

It is true, in comparison to a house, a house boat small. But you will be surprised how much space you have on board. The boats are designed with maximum headroom, easily accessible cabinets, large beds, a foredeck, a back deck and a fully equipped galley. 

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