Fun with the family

Recreation ... nature ... bathing ... tension ... Fishing ... freedom ... barbecues ... adventure ... Peace ... This is what you can experience in a houseboat vacation with KUHNLE-TOURS. How is that possible? Quite simply, you are the captain and determine where to go, how long you drive and where you create the night. Discover the beauty and diversity of the Lake District at your own pace. A first-class experience. Rounding out this exceptional holiday with a quality houseboat KUHNLE-TOURS and a family-friendly discount.

For the first child, we give you 5% discount for two or more children and you get 10% discount. The increase in Kuhnle-Tours is that this discount until the age of 17 years including.

Book now and make your holiday a memorable one.

Dates and Prices

Services included:

- Detailed travel documents

- Detailed charter briefing

- Free berths at marinas Turn