As early as possible...

  • Important information for your arrival

    Here you can find the most important information.

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  • Plan your arrival to the base

    Choose your base and get more information.

    for arrival
  • Observe the costs

    Im Hafendorf Müritz ausgeliehenes Kanu auf der Müritz

    Pay the outstanding amount to your booking in time.

    banking detaills
  • fully accessible boats

    Der Skipper des barrierefreien Hausbootes sitzt im Rollstuhl.

    Boating with a disability is not possible? With us it is!

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  • Fishing

    Das Heck des Hausbootes Primus Kormoran mit seiner Badeplattform von wo ein Mann angelt

    You can not go on holiday without fishing?

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  • dogs on board

    You would like to spend you holiday togheter with your dog?

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  • bike and boat

    Ein Radler vor der untergehenden Sonne.

    You would also like to explore the surroundings by bike?

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  • E charging station

    On vacation with the electric car - no problem at the Hafendorf Müritz!

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Four weeks before your arrival

  • plan your tour

    Where can you go by boat?

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  • Wishing extras?

    Here you can find all extras, which you have to book before your arrival.

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  • FAQ

    Vier junge Leute beim Badeurlaub auf einem unserer Boote auf der Müritz

    Here you can find frequently asked questions and their answers.

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  • Captains manuel

    For preparing your trip, here you can find the captains manuel.


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  • manuel for instruction

    Start learning, how to handle with the boat.

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  • Instruction videos

    Here you can find videos about the practical instruction in the boats.

    german videos
  • Holiday at Hafendorf Müritz

    Badestrand am Hafendorf Müritz

    Do you spend your holiday at a flat at Hafendorf Müritz or at the surroundings? 

    to the possibilities
  • Holiday at Niderviller

    Do you booked a flat at Niderviller?

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One week before your arrival

  • Inform yourself about the actual corona situation

    Mandatory! Read the actual rules. 

    information about corona
  • Packing

    What should you take with you?

    packing list
  • Equipment on board

    Here you can find a listing. More information are given in the captains manuel.

  • security of the children at board

    Do you start your trip with childs?

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If you arrive

  • At the Hafendorf

    Eating or drinking some delicious things before going on board?

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  • Shopping and cash machines

    You don`t have to overload your car. At most bases there are shops.

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  • Living on board

    Which equippement of the kitchen do you have? How about energy?

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After your holiday

  • Your departure

    Aquino im Hafen

    What do you need to observe at the departure.

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  • cruise reports

    If we publish your report, we will credit you 100 euro.

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  • Becomming an owner or investor

    You fell in love with boating and now want to buy a boat/appartement or become an investor?

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