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Haines Marine is a small solid family shipyard in England, which has been building houseboats since 1980. The Haines range includes Haines 1070 and 1190. The Nicols Estivale Quattro and the Nicols Estivale Octo are yachts from the French company Nicols.

The comfortable cabin inland cruisers made of glass-reinforced plastic are easy to manoeuvre and offer all comfort below deck.

  • Haines 1190 (6+2 pers.)

    Heckansicht der Haines 1190

    The Haines 1190 offers space for e.g. a group with 3 cabins, 3 wet rooms as well as a saloon.

    Haines 1190
  • Haines 1070 (4+2 pers.)

    The Haines 1070 offers space for e.g. a family with 2 cabins, 2 wet rooms and saloon.

    Haines 1070
  • Nicols Estivale Octo (8+2 pers.)

    The Nicols Estivale Octo offers 4 cabins, 2 wet rooms as well as a saloon.

    Nicols Estivale Octo
  • Nicols Estivale Quattro (4+2 pers.)

    The Nicols Estivale Quattro offers 2 cabins, 2 wet rooms as well as a saloon.

    Nicols Estivale Quattro

Ideal areas

Mecklenburg Great Lakes

The Mecklenburg Lake District consists of over 1000 largely interconnected lakes, which leads you into this natural wonderland. The banks of the waterways are fringed by forests, meadows and marshes. Nature dominates the landscape.

Plauer See, Fleesensee, Kölpinsee and Müritz form the Mecklenburg Upper Lakes. Each of these four lakes is impressive because of its majestic size. There are no locks and only a few bridges, which make this region perfect for houseboats and sailing. 

Mecklenburg Small Lakes

The last ice age left more than 300 lakes, whcih forms this area. Narrow, deep valley lakes, circular shallow lakes and short canals build a water sports paradise, which is unique in Europe. The smaller lakes consist of two main waterways: The Müritz-Havel waterway leading from the Müritz to Priepert and the Upper Havel waterway leads from Neustrelitz through Priepert to Liebenwalde in the north of Berlin.

Perfect for

Two to three couples

The saloon offers a maximum of comfort. Midship is the interior helm station. The seating area can accommodate 2-3 couples. The smartly arranged galley is part of the saloon, as a result while cooking you can still be part of the converstaion. Each cabin has its own shower with toilet, shower and sink with hot and cold running water. There is a spacious swim platform with outdoor shower in the stern. A boat for couples, which like a modern style.

Family with older children

If the extended family or just with the parents, houseboat holidays are very special for children. It's a peaceful trip and a chance for children to learn more about our nature and environment. The distribution of the cabins in the bow and stern area guarantees privacy.


The vetus range was designed by a Dutch designer, Pieter Beeldsnijder. He created a revolutionary design concept by turning around the classic boat shape of a flat front and a high stern. The result is a motor cruiser for inland waters, inspired by a large space above and below deck. 

  • vetus 1500 (10+2 Pers.)

    eine vetus 1500 auf einem großen schönen See

    The vetus 1500 offers plenty of space for up to 12 people with 4 cabins, 3 wet rooms and a saloon.

    vetus 1500
  • vetus 1000 (6+2 PERS.)

    das Heck einer vetus 1000

    The vetus 1000 offers enough space for e.g. 2 couples with 2 cabins, 2 wet rooms and salon.

    vetus 1000
  • vetus 900 (3+2 Pers.)

    Hausboot vetus 900 auf der Müritz

    The vetus 900 offers space for a small family with 1 cabin, 1 bathroom and saloon.

    vetus 900

ideal areas

WasserReich Havel-Oder

Between the Oder and the Ruppin Country and north of Berlin the Barnim lies with the water kingdom Havel-Oder. 

If you travel here, you will discover a landscape with clues of the last ice age. The rolling hills of mixed and pine forests cover 70,000 hectares. The landscape of parks and lakes areas are a playground for cyclists, walkers and water sports enthusiasts - all this just 50 kilometers outside the city of Berlin. Culture enthusiasts will love the old brick buildings, striking churches, monasteries and castles. And along the channel admire the impressive industrial monuments marking the exciting history of the area.

perfect for

Families on a budget

The non-skid deck and stable railings are just a couple of the safety features on this boat. There is a handrail which goes completely round the boat and a further handrail just halfway up. The bow works well for families because it has an extra-spacious balcony with built-in benches.  Many of the cabins have room for mum, dad and 1 child. Like many families if you have small children who wander in the night it is good to have room in your cabin.  

This boat is not only family friendly, but also for the cost conscious.



Anglers love houseboat vacations; the luxury of being able to fish and sleep comfortably in the same spot with your loved ones is an idyllic scenario. The best place to fish is from the spacious sun deck. If you are an angler we can provide an additional cooler and a smoker on board so you can keep your catch fresh or preservase as you travel. 

Friends and groups

This modern, fun houseboat is very well suited for groups who want to holiday together. The spacious layout offers space and comfort both above and below deck. The bow has an extra-spacious balcony with built-in benches. Of course, table and chairs can be placed on the aft deck as an additional area. At the very far end of the Vetus is the swim platform. Many an hour will be spent sat on the swim platform letting your legs splash in the water with a book in hand.