Haines Marine is a small, traditional, family shipyard in England and has been building houseboats since 1980. These comfortable inland cabin cruisers are made from glass-reinforced plastic, are easy to maneuver and offer all the comforts below deck. 

Ideal areas

Mecklenburg Great Lakes

The Mecklenburg Lake District consists of over 1000, largely interconnected lakes that entice you through this natural wonderland. The banks of the waterways are fringed by forests, meadows and marshes. Nature dominates the landscape.

Plau, Fleesensee, Kölpinsee form the Müritz Mecklenburg Upper Lakes. Each of these four lakes is impressive due to its majestic size. There are no locks and only a few bridges making it an ideal playground for houseboats and sailing. 

Mecklenburg Small Lakes

This is a lake district paradise. The last ice age has left here more than 300 lakes. Narrow, deep valley lakes, circular shallow lakes and short channels form a water sports paradise. In this rugged landscape often the connecting channel can only be seen once close to the area. The small lakes consist of two main waterways: The Müritz-Havel waterway leading from the Müritz Priepert and the Upper Havel waterway leads from Neustrelitz to Priepert for love in the forest north of Berlin.

Perfect for

Two to three couples

The saloon offers maximum comfort. Amidships on the port side is the interior helm. The seating can accommodate 2-3 couples. The smartly arranged galley is part of the saloon, so that the person doing the cooking can feel part of the action. Each cabin has its own shower with toilet, shower and sink with hot and cold running water. Aft there is a spacious swim platform with outdoor shower. A boat for couples who love a modern boat.

Family with older children

Whether with the extended family or just with mum and dad, a cruising holiday is very special for the young. It's a peaceful holiday and a chance for children to learn how much fun it is to be on the water. The distribution of the cabins in the bow and stern area guarantees privacy.

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