Motor Yachts

Our motor yachts offer much space and comfort as well as they are very easy to maneuver with bow thruster. Most of the boats are also equipped with a stern thruster. Boating without a licence is no problem with us. Our motorboats are fully equipped like a floating holiday home, so nothing stands in the way of your holiday.

ideal destinations

Mecklenburg Great Lakes

The Mecklenburg Lake District consists of over 1000, largely interconnected lakes. The banks of the waterways are fringed by forests, meadows and marshes and tease you along a trip through nature and history. Nature
dominates the landscape, but surprisingly the region has a well developed infrastructure. Plauer lake, Fleesensee, Kölpinsee and the queen of all German lakes, the Müritz,form the Mecklenburg Upper Lakes. Each of these four lakes are impressive due to their majestic size and are known as the blue quartet. The lakes are 62 metres above sea level.  

With no locks and only a few bridges it is an ideal area for houseboats and sailing. 

Mecklenburg Small Lakes

South of the Müritz, at the heart of the Mecklenburg and Märkischen waters begins the small lakes. The last ice age has left here over 300 lakes with partly natural compounds. Narrow, deep valley lakes, circular shallow lakes and short channels form a water sports paradise that is second to none in Europe.

This rugged landscape often hides the connecting channels from one lake to the next. It is only when you are in the immediate vicinity can the channel be seen. The small lakes consist essentially of two waterways: the Müritz-Havel waterway leading from the Müritz Priepert and the Upper Havel waterway leading from Neustrelitz near Priepert. 

perfect for


These boats are suitable for couples or small families. All are equipped with a toilet and a pantry (except for the Agder).