sauna houseboat

Eine Grafik mit den Kontaktdaten zur Firma Kuhnle-Tours.

If you want to get your circulation going again, borrow our sauna houseboat. After the sweat bath, you can cool off by jumping into the water. The sauna houseboat has its own drive, a kitchen, a large wet room and is barrier-free. In the bow of the boat is a large relaxation room, which is also the salon. Large terrace at the bow. Salon and terrace are only separated by a sliding glass door. On the roof terrace you can let the heat be blown out of your bones or roll around in the snow.


  • sauna houseboat

    New from February 2021 our sauna houseboat for up to 8 day guests.

    sauna houseboat


Little Lake District


South of the Müritz begins the liitle lake district, the heart of the Mecklenburg and Märkische waters. Narrow, deep channel lakes, circular shallow lakes and short branch channels form a water sports paradise like no other in Europe.



Couples who love it generous

The sauna houseboat is perfect for couples who do not want to do without generosity and comfort on holiday. The spacious saloon, the sun deck and the comfortable sauna cabin provide space for individuality and togetherness.

Sauna friends

The spacious sauna in our sauna houseboat offers plenty of room for our sauna friends to really work up a sweat together.

On the roof terrace you can let the heat be blown out of your bones or dive into the cool water from the bathing platform.

Crews with one crew member on wheels


The interior of the sauna houseboat is barrier-free, so crew members on wheels can also steer the houseboat and discover the Mecklenburg and Brandenburg waters.  


Our sauna houseboat offers overnight accommodation for up to four people.

During the day and for saunas, it can accommodate up to eight people.

Travel with several boats - and everyone can relax in the sauna!

Take advantage of our discounts when booking several boats.