Houseboats at the tri-border without driver's license

France is popular with houseboaters because the many rivers and canals that meander through the vast landscapes of cornfields, rocky hills and vineyards are ideal for a houseboat holiday.

Commercial shipping is no longer on the roads on most of the waterways, making it easy to cruise the canals.

Here you will find the travel information.

Rent a houseboat in France

If you want to rent a houseboat in France, you can do this license free when you are 18 years old. Of course you will get an instruction, all information about your houseboat and the area. You will profit from our knowledge about the houseboat business.



The 290 km long Rhin-Marne canal is the connection between Strasbourg and Toul and leads through the national park Lorraine. Besides many interesting constructions, idyllic valleys and half-timbered houses you can expect unique bio diversity.

From our charter base Niderviller you will start towards Strasbourg. During your trip you will pass tunnels, a ship canal lift in Arzviller, locks and many villages.


To the other direction you will pass the Rhin-Marne canal to Nancy, you will see a big lock, many smaller villages and attractions during your trip.



If you drive along the Mosel you can expect many castles and palaces. With your houseboat you will start at our charter base in Niderviller and drive towards Nancy, where the French Mosel starts, up to Trier.
During your trip you will pass the city Metz, many smaller villages, amazing constructions and art. You also can have a wine tasting or eat a delicious meal in one of the many charming restaurants.


Saar and Saar canal

Between Saarbrücken and Konz, you have to own a license if you want to pass the Saar, but it is worth it. You will see many impressing constructions and beautiful nature.
The Saar canal connects the Rhin-Mare canal and the Saar. You should plan a fishing stop in Sarreguemines. Later you can admire the forests of the Saar valley and Saarbrücken.

Sauerkraut tour

The small sauerkraut tour is a round trip through France, Luxembourg, and Germany. The trip leads you across the Rhine-Marne canal over the Moselle, Saar and Saar canal and back to the Rhine-Marne canal, this trip will last two weeks. During your tour you will travel 396 km waterway through different regions in France and Germany. You will need a boating license.