Through the city to Potsdam and across the chain of lakes of the lower Havel to Brandenburg

Berlin is always worth a trip, especially by houseboat. Hire a houseboat in Berlin and discover the capital with its many famous attractions on over 183 kilometers of inner-city waterways.



No license required for our boats up to 15 hp

Müggelsee-Köpenick turn-trip

Zeuthen - Müggelsee - Köpenick and back

3 days | 90 km | 0 locks

The starting point for this round trip is the charter base in Zeuthen. From there we sail across the Seddinsee towards Erkner. From here, it is worth making a detour to Rüdersdorf and the museum park. There are interesting exhibitions, old industrial plants, the huge pit of the limestone open-cast mine and a wide range of experiences.

To get there, travel from Erkner across the Flakensee lake, through the Woltersdorf lock and across the very clear Kalksee lake. There is a small marina right next to the museum.

The next day, you then head across the Großer Müggelsee towards the Müggelspree to Köpenick. Here you can stroll through the beautiful old town on a shopping tour or take a look at Köpenick Castle before returning home the next day via Langer See (Dahme).

Berlin-Potsdam-Havel turn-trip

Zeuthen - Köpenick - Landwehrkanal - Charlottenburg - Spandau - Havel - Wannsee - Potsdam - Werder - Sacrow-Paretzer-Kanal - Jungfernsee- Teltow - Zeuthen

5-7 days | 155 km | 4 locks

If you want to explore the city and nature and spend a long time on a boat, the houseboat trip to Potsdam has it all. This trip will inspire you. From Zeuthen we head to Berlin-Mitte. Here there are many interesting sights, shopping opportunities and museums that are easy to reach by houseboat. From there, continue in the direction of Potsdam. Here you can visit the park and Sanssouci Palace. The kids can then head to the former Buga Park in Bornstedter Feld. Please note that you turn off the Spree before the Oberbraumbrücke bridge into the Landwehrkanal and do not cross the Spree to the west. To return to the base, cycle from Jungfernsee onto the Teltow Canal, past the Neukölln district and back via Dahme to Zeuthen.

Requires a license SBF Binnen

Berlin-Potsdam turn-trip

Zeuthen - Köpenick - Landwehrkanal - Charlottenburg - Spandau - Havel - Großer Wannsee - Potsdam - Griebnitzsee - Teltowkanal - Köpenick - Müggelsee - Zeuthen

3-5 days | 110 km | 4 locks

From Zeuthen, you cycle via the Dahme to Köpenick into the Landwehr Canal and then through the Unterschleuse lock to the Charlottenburg bank and Charlottenburg Palace.
Please note that the Landwehr Canal is a one-way street and may only be used from east to west. The idyllic Landwehr Canal offers a view over Berlin's districts such as Treptow, Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Tiergarten and Charlottenburg. Here you pass attractions such as the Museum of Technology, Potsdamer Platz and the zoo and pass under beautiful historic bridges to experience Berlin's neighborhoods up close. Especially at weekends and on public holidays, the avenues, riverside promenades and Kreuzberg's Urbanhafen are a hive of activity. From here, you have the option of crossing the Spree and the large Wannsee lake to Potsdam. In Potsdam, you can make a stop to visit Sanssouci Palace or the Natural History Museum. You then cycle back to the Treptower Spree via the Griebnitzsee, Teltow Canal and Britzer Verbindungskanal. In contrast to Berlin's most beautiful canal, the Landwehr Canal, the Teltow Canal is wider and longer, but there are plenty of interesting things to experience here too If you keep to the left in Köpenick, you will reach the Große Müggelsee, the Müggelspree, the Gosener Canal and via the Seddinsee back to the Zeuthener See.

Berlin city tour with a trip through the government district

Zeuthen - Köpenick - Landwehrkanal - Charlottenburg - Berlin Mitte - government district - Museum Island - Köpenick - Großer Müggelsee - Zeuthen

2- 3 days | 75 km | 3 locks

From Zeuthen you cycle along the Dahme to Köpenick, then along the Treptower Spree to the Oberbaumbrücke, then turn left through the Oberschleuse into the Landwehrkanal (one-way street from east to west). The Landwehr Canal is very idyllic, you cycle through Treptow, Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Tiergarten and Charlottenburg, pass the Museum of Technology, Potsdamer Platz and the zoo, pass under beautiful historic bridges and experience Berlin's neighborhoods up close.

Especially at weekends and on public holidays, the avenues and riverside promenades and Kreuzberg's Urbanhafen are a hive of activity. At the end of the Landwehr Canal, you pass through the Unterschleuse lock back onto the Spree. Turn left towards Charlottenburger Ufer and Charlottenburg Palace. To the right, you can travel through the government district at any time before April 1 and after October 31. If you are traveling from April 1 to October 31, you can only do so before 10:00 or after 19:00. Between 10:30 and 19:00 you can only travel between Lessingbrücke and Mühlendamm lock with a registered VHF radio.
The route takes you past Museum Island, the cathedral and the Humboldt Forum until you reach the Oberbaum Bridge again. To take a different route back to the charter station, keep left in Köpenick and cross the Großer Müggelsee, the Müggelspree, the Gosen Canal and via Seddinsee back to Zeuthener See.

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Find the right houseboat in Berlin

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Things to know about houseboat vacations in Berlin

Many capital cities lie on the water, but only one is open to charter boats: Berlin. The metropolis has a good network of waterways consisting of lively canals, small and large lakes and romantic waterways. In addition to numerous interesting shore excursions, a boat trip past the Chancellery and Reichstag is a highlight of every skipper's life, but is only possible without a license for houseboats up to 15 hp. 

FREE OF LICENSE UP TO 15 HP with Pirate 915 and bellus 750 (except
between Oberbaumbrücke and Kanzleramtssteg - boats up to 15 HP / 11.03 Kw).

(Please note: On the Spree-Oder waterway from the Kanzleramtsteg (km 14.10) to the Oberbrücke (km 20.70) - including the Spree Canal - it is forbidden to operate a pleasure craft unless you are in possession of a driving license! This regulation applies regardless of the driving license limit).


The 183 kilometers of inner-city waterways offer a perfect network of routes with few locks. Berlin has twelve waterways with which you can reach almost every attraction in the capital. Berlin's waterways are clearer than the city map and easier to use than the U-Bahn and S-Bahn.

Berlin Centre

The houseboat is the best and easiest way to discover our capital Berlin. 183 kilometers of urban waterways offer a perfect network of roads with less locks. The city has twelve water ways which leads you toalmost every attraction in Berlin.

The Berlin waters are more clear, as the road system and easier to use, as the the U- and S-Bahn. Berlin is the only city in Europe, where you can see the government from the water. Another advantage of your houseboat is you don't have to find a parking space during your sightseeing tour. You will get one of the 24 hours free berths in the city.

You can berth comfortably at more silent rivers or canal banks and it is separated by trees and bushes from the city life, but after a few steps ashore you can feel the business of Berlin, shopping, strolling, visit  exciting museums or have a tasty meal.

The Molecule Man is a monumental work of art that was created by the American Borofsky in the Spree River near the Oberbaumbrücke, built in May 1999. It consists of three 30-meter-high men facing each other.

Berlin - Outskirts

Anyone who saw enough of the city centre, than you should drive to the east or west.

In the east you will cross the lake Müggelsee and the charming canal-Datschenlandschaft Little Venice. After Dämeritzsee, the idyllic Rüdersdorfer waters and Loecknitz are reached. This clear water is perfect for swimming. In this areayou can explore the limestone quarries and visit the Captain Museum.

If you go west the Lower Havel waterway flows from Spandau to the Elbe.

Potsdam City and surrounding area

Hausboot Kormoran liegt im Hafen vor dem Theater in Potsdam

The old Prussians had their own Havel. It flows towards south underneath the Glienicker bridge and then turns to the northwest and flows through the vineyards and orchards to Werder.

The Potsdam Havel has many moorings because there are very few along the entire Mecklenburg and Märkischen waters. Boaters are welcome everywhere. Don't forget to visit some of the castles in Potsdam. 

There are some interesting moorings at Einstein's summer house in Caputh and the island town of Werder has beautiful orchards and vineyards which are well worth a stroll. Paretz palace, the former residence of the legendary Queen Louise is just a short detour. The town or Ketzin is also worth a visit.

Brandenburg town is not far from here. The city is completely visible from the water and the centre has several good mooring facilities. The cathedral and museums are worth a visit. 

Hausbootfahren in Berlin




Berliner Stadtstrand

Berlin unterwegs

Berlin Flussfahrt

Hausboot Kormoran in Berlin

Berlin Hausbootcharter

Strandurlaub Berlin

Berlin molecule man - hausboot Kormoran

Berlin Regierungstour mit dem Hausboot

Hausboot Kormoran in Berlin

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