From all KUHNLE-TOURS charter stations you can drive a houseboat without a license.

Enjoy the most beautiful cruises in Mecklenburg, Brandenburg and Berlin. If in individual cases a driver's license is required for certain sections, this is marked. From our charter station Alsace-Lorraine you can also sail in the three-country region without a driver's license.

In Germany, there are plenty of boat trips, both for beginners and experienced captains. As the largest charter company in Germany we can offer many different types of trip. There and back, a circle trip or just a stretch. All trips are possible without a license!

Barely other countries are as perfect as Germany for houseboat holidays with all the lakes and rivers. Especially the Mecklenburg Lake District in the east of Germany has many lakes, rivers and canals, which make this area a paradise for houseboat holidays.

But also Berlin and Brandenburg have something to offer on the water. Berlin is the only capital in Europe, which can be explored with a charter boat. For those, who are in Berlin with the houseboat don’t have to care about parking and traffic, you can berth in the center of Berlin and choose a 24 hours free berth for a shore leave. Besides the urban jungle there is a lot to explore out of the center of the city. In the south you come towards Dahme-Seenland, in the west towards lower Havel-waterstreet and in the north you will find the area of Havel-Oder, which connects the Mecklenburg Lake District with the waters of the capital.

Where you can rent a houseboat in Germany?


-The tourist waterways that can be navigated with all our boats without a license are outlined in red
-Our charter stations are marked in blue
-With our boats up to 15 HP you can sail everywhere (with a few exceptions) without a license



Driving without a license:

There are many areas in Germany that are considered tourist waterways due to the low level of commercial shipping. These waterways can be navigated with houseboats over 15 HP even without a license. The prerequisite is the charter certificate, which you will receive from KUHNLE-TOURS on the day of arrival after a 3-hour personal briefing in theory and practice.

The certificate is included for our charter crews. We will send you your personal "Mecklenburg and Märkisch Waters Cruise Planner" in advance to help you prepare.  You will receive the "Törnatlas" chart book as a loan copy from us when you take over the boat.

On the remaining waterways you can sail without a license with our houseboats with up to 15 HP. With these boats, for example, a trip through Berlin is also possible without a license (except for a small stretch on the Spree-Oder waterway from kilometer 14.10 to 20.70)

The largest license-free houseboat areas are the Mecklenburg Lake District and the Dahme Lake District. With our locations on the Müritz and in Berlin Zeuthen, we offer ideal bases for your houseboat vacation in Germany.

From Brandenburg to Mecklenburg 

Because the areas are connected with each other and KUHNLE-TOURS has three charter bases in these areas, you also can book a one way trip form one base to another. For example you can start in Berlin Zeuthen and drive with the houseboat through Berlin towards Obere Havel-Wasserstraße to the Mecklenburg smaller lakes and end at the Müritz. For this tour you should plan to be on the water for ten days. For less time for holidays we offer shorter trips too, for example from Berlin-Zeuthen to Zehdenick.

News from the districts

04.10.2022: Niederfinow boat lift

We took part in the first pleasure boat launch at the Niederfinow boat lift! The lift is 55 m high and the elevator trough alone weighs 10,000 tons. It shortens the route from Germany to Poland.

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