Canal Alsace Lorraine / Rhin Marne

The Alsace-Lorraine region is certainly one of the most beautiful houseboat areas and can be reached quickly thanks to its proximity to the German-French border. In Alsace, long tunnels, unique buildings and pure deceleration await you.


You can hire your houseboat at our charter base in Niderviller. The base is ideally located for houseboat trips in the direction of Strasbourg as well as Nancy.

Here you can find a WDR travel report with insights of this region (from minute 63).

Rhine-Marne Canal via Saverne to Strasbourg

From the former pottery town of Niderviller, it is only a few kilometres to the east to reach the passage of the two Niderviller tunnels, which are almost 500 metres long and more than two kilometres long - a real experience. Behind the second tunnel, a technical and tourist attraction awaits us, the Arzviller boat lift. 17 locks and eight hours of travel time have been saved thanks to the Arzviller boat lift: in the shaft of an inclined lift, which is held by counterweights and steel cables, up to three barges can go up or down 44.5 metres at the same time. In the high season and on public holidays, you may have to allow for a certain amount of waiting time, which you can make up for by taking a tour of the facility.


ship's hoist Arzviller

houseboat tour on the canal

At the foot of the lift is the Cristallerie Lehrer, a glass-blowing and glass-grinding workshop. Here you can discover one of the most traditional crafts in Alsace. The large sales room offers a wide range of glasses manufactured or finished on site. There is also a small café-boutique with pastry specialities. A few meters uphill you will find the valley station of the "Luge Alpine", the summer toboggan run. Here you climb up in a stable sledge, fixed to the piste, you are pulled up to the height of the lift and then, with or without the brakes, you descend the mountain in a serpentine path.

From the boat lift, the canal is accompanied by an asphalt towpath. It slopes gently with the level of the canal and is perfect for going from boat to longboard, in-line skating or cycling.

After crossing the picturesque Zorn valley, you should plan a stop in Lutzelburg to watch the famous glassblowers and glass cutters at work. The village is dominated by the ruins of a 12th century castle. A few kilometres to the east, the lively Saverne, with its beautiful half-timbered houses, invites you to take a stroll through the town. Tip: moor under the castle of Rohan. The next big city is already Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace. Moor in the northern suburb of Souffelweyersheim and use public transport for landing permission. You can also continue to the port of Strasbourg and leave your boat a few minutes walk from the centre. Due to the seat of the European Parliament, Strasbourg has a cosmopolitan flair - with a French accent. Nevertheless, the capital of Alsace is manageable and has retained its charm in the city centre. Boat crews can particularly enjoy the fascinating historic waterways, canals, bridges and dams in the old town. You should definitely take a look at the famous cathedral. South of Strasbourg, the Rhine-Rhône Canal leads to Boofzheim via a beautiful shady water avenue.


Turn: Saverne - 3 to 7 days

  • Niderviller, Saverne and back: 3-4 days / 46 km Tour / 26 locks

Round trip: Lagarde - 3 days

Niderviller -  Etang de Rechicourt - Lagarde - Niderviller

3 days / 76 km / no locks

Turn: Strasbourg - 7 to 10 days

  • Niderviller, Strasbourg and back: 7-10 days / 132 km trip / 70 locks

Marina Niderviller - houseboat Kormoran

Rhein-Marne-Kanal - tunnel

Tunnel von Niderviller

Hausboot in Saverne

Mit dem Hausboot durch die Stadt

Arzviller ship lift

Alsace - canal

Alsace Rhein Marne canal

Marina Niderviller

Saverne - lock

Rhein Marne canal in Alsace