Berlin and Potsdam

Many major cities are on the water, but only one can be busy with charter boats: Berlin. The city has a good network of waterways from bustling canals, small and large lakes and romantic waterways. In addition to numerous interesting shore excursions to travel by boat to the Chancellery, and Reichstag is a major highlight for any visitor. There are 183 kilometers of urban waterways which offer a perfect network of roads with few locks. The city has twelve waterways in which you can achieve almost any attraction in the capital. A license is required to travel.  

The Potsdam Havel has many great mooring facilities. Boaters are welcome everywhere. The lakes of Potsdam Havel are beautiful, but you must not forget to visit Potsdam with its many castles and estates. There are some special moorings; Einstein's summer house in Caputh and the island town of Werder has orchards and vineyards worth visiting. A short detour from the main route is Paretz Palace, the former summer residence of the legendary Queen Louise. Like pearls on a chain, the Havel lakes connect and lead you west.


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Berliner Stadtstrand

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Berlin unterwegs

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Berlin molecule man - hausboot Kormoran

Hausboot Kormoran in Berlin

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free of license

Turn: Brandenburg - 4 to 7 days

  • Brandenburg (Havel) - Havel mountain and back: 4-7 days / 172 km Tour / 8 locks

license fee

Turn: Potsdam - 4 to 7 days

  • Brandenburg (Havel) - Werder - Potsdam -Wannsee - Griebnitz Canal - Sacrow-Paretzer Channel - Ketzin and back: 4-7 days / 73 km / 2 locks

Turn: Rüdersdorfer waters - 3 Days

  • Zeuthen - Rüdersdorfer waters - Köpenick and back: 3 days / 90 km / 0 locks

Turn: Berlin City - 4 to 7 days

  • Zeuthen - Müggelspree - Berlin-Mitte - Spandau - Charlottenburg - Landwehr Canal (Kreuzberg) - Neukölln - Alt-Glienicke - Zeuthen: 4-7 days / 101 km / 5 locks

Turn: Brandenburg-Potsdam - 7 to 14 days

  • Zeuthen - Köpenick - Ruedersdorf - Berlin-Mitte - Charlottenburg - Wannsee - Potsdam - Werder - Paretz'and - Teltow - Zeuthen: 7-14 days / 187 km / 5 locks

Berlin Centre

There's no better way to discover our capital Berlin, than at the controls of a houseboat. 183 kilometers of urban waterways offer a perfect network of roads with little locks. The city has twelve water ways in which you can achieve almost any attraction in the capital.

The Berlin waters are clearer than the map and easier to use than the U- and S-Bahn. And in which European Capital has been the chance to watch the rulers from the boat? And by the way your sightseeing by boat also has the advantage that you can save yourself the hassle of finding a parking space. For a place at one of the free 24-hour Investors in town are found almost always.

Man lying comfortably on rather silent river or canal bank and is separated by trees and bushes from city life, but after a few steps on land you can freely in the bustling city rush, shopping, strolling, experience exciting museums or have a tasty meal.

The Molecule Man is a monumental work of art that was created by the American Borofsky in the Spree River near the Oberbaumbrücke Built in May 1999. It is of 3 30-meter-high men facing each other.

Berlin - Outskirts

Anyone who has seen enough of the city centre, directs the ship's bow to the east or west.

In the east you go across lake Müggelsee and the charming canal-Datschenlandschaft Little Venice. After Dämeritzsee the idyllic Rüdersdorfer waters and Loecknitz are reached. This clear water is perfect for swimming. In this area explore the limestone quarries and visit the Captain Museum.

If you go west the Lower Havel waterway flows from Spandau to the Elbe.

Potsdam City and surrounding area

The old Prussians have their own Havel. It flows south under the Glienicker bridge and then turns to the northwest and travels through the vineyards and orchards to Werder.

The Potsdam Havel has many moorings because there are very few along the entire Mecklenburg and Märkischen waters. Boaters are welcome everywhere. Don't forget to visit some of the castles at Potsdam. 

There are some interesting moorings at Einstein's summer house in Caputh and the island town of Werder has beautiful orchards and vineyards which are well worth a stroll. Paretz palace, the former residence of the legendary Queen Louise is just a short detour. The town or Ketzin is also worth a visit.

Brandenburg town is not far from here. The city is completely visible from the water and the centre has several good mooring facilities. The cathedral and museums are worth a visit.