University town Frankfurt / Oder

Together with Slubice, Frankfurt (Oder), an international working and living place, a place of encounter, exchange and communication.


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  • Former trade and Hanseatic City
  • Green city with many parks and green spaces:
  • Lennépark: Second oldest citizens parks in Germany, with over 50 different species of trees that have been planted here, artificial waterfall, streams, fountains and ponds
  • Lienau park, designed by Peter Joseph Lenne
  • More vegetation: Getraudenpark, Anger, Ziegenwerder, Kleist Park, Botanical Gardens, City Park



St. Mary's Church from the 13th century, one of the largest Gothic brick churches in Brandenburg. Three stained glass windows with a total of 117 stained glass panels from the 14th century. Exceptional views and unique Antichrist windowFranciscan monastery church. Peace Church, St. George, Saviour Chapel, Church of the Holy Cross.

Frankfurt (Oder) is one of the east German cities with the largest number of works of art (250!) in public spaces and buildings


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  • Comic Fountain at Fountain Square
  • On 16 hectares parkland many different animals naturnahim Wildlife Park