Health resort Plau

Plau - charming town with picturesque Old Town, on the western shore of Lake Plauer and the Müritz-Elde-Waterway


Find out more:

  • Numerous finds and ramparts recall the Slav settlements of Obotrites that formed the foundation of the city Plau.
  • Received early in 1235 "Plawe" which means Flößerort, city law.
  • The old town is still dominated by the timber frame and brick houses in the farming community.
  • The city of the three towers - castle tower, bell tower and lighthouse are all three walked on and offer a fantastic view of the village, the countryside and the sea.



  • The lift bridge (1916) built, preserved in 1945 before the blast and reconstructed in 1991-92. For boaters who want to lock or to Plau, the bridge is "raised" approximately 1.60 m.
  • Plauer castle tower of 1448 with technical and historical museum Lighthouse: The 13.5 m high lighthouse greets guests at the transition from Plauer See the Müritz-Elde-Waterway. The observation deck at 8m height offers a fantastic panoramic view of the lake Plauer.
  • Lock with "chicken ladder"
  • Plauer city church
  • City Hall in the Dutch Renaissance style 1888/89
  • Museum on the life and work of sculptor Prof. wall Schneider
  • Look beekeeping in Plau-Quetzin with museum and garden for bees, honey, honey wine and honey-beer-tasting.


Active for:

  • Cycling from Plau in the water about 10 km away, former sanatorium Bad Stuer on the south bank of the 7th largest lake in Germany, the Plauer.
  • A short trip by bike leads into the kingfisher


for children:

  • Choo-choo train
  • Bärenwald Müritz