Rheinberg - political and cultural cradle of Frederick the Great

1734 bought the "soldier king" Friedrich Wilhelm I. With the reconstruction of the Rheinberg Castle, Rheinberg developed from a sleepy farming town to a small baroque residence.

From 1736 to 1740 the Crown Prince philosophized and performed here. Rheinberg became well known by Fontane (e.g. "walks through the Mark Brandenburg and Tucholsky Rheinberg: A Picture Book for Lovers ").

Worth a visit: 

  • Free guided tours of the nuclear power plant with information about the deconstruction and the history of nuclear power
  • Stroll around the shopping area
  • Ceramic factory at Werksverskaufsausstellung,
  • Brandenburger potters' guild,
  • Permanent glass and Christmas decoration exhibition,
  • Gallery, boutique, shops, restaurants.


For children:

Visit the 22 metre high Mecklenburg Lake lighthouse with superb observation deck. 


Things to do: 

  • Annual open-air Opera Festival of Chamber Opera Schloss Rheinberg. Launched in 1991 by composer Prof. Siegfried Matthus.
  • Academy of Music, which offers year-round concerts, ballet, musical theater and musical-literary events in the Palace Theatre, the Akademiehof or the Hall of Mirrors from Rheinberg castle.
  • Annual pottery market, which takes place on the second weekend in October.