Water Kingdom Havel-Oder

This area is up to 55 meters deep. Lake Werbellinsee is the result of the last age and is reached by driving through the beautiful, lush Werbellinkanal. A great fishing area. Fish and cook on board. 

Eagles, beavers and otters can be seen in this area. The clear waters, dense forests and ancient bastions provide a varied environment. If you want to experience our capital from the water, we recommend a single trip to or from Zeuthen.


free of license

Turn: Finowkanal - 3 to 7 days

  • Zehdenick - Finowkanal - Schifshebewerk Niederfinow - Zehdenick: 3-7 days / 84 km / 15 locks + 1 lift

Turn: Schorfheide - 7 days per

  • Zehdenick - Templin - Lychen - Fürstenberg and back: 7 days / 170 km / 17 locks

license fee

Turn: Ruppin waters - 7 days per

  • Zehdenick - Oranienburg - Lindow and back: 7 days / 210 km / 15 locks

Turn: ODER cruise - 7 days per

  • Zehdenick - ODERBERG - Schwedt - Gartz - Szczecin and back: 7 days / 236 km / 7 locks + 2 lifts


Havelschloss, Aussicht vom Hausboot

Kloster in Zehdenick

Langer Trödel

Werbellinsee Wildau

Werbellin Kanal


Langer Trödel

Kormoran in Zehdenick

Langer Trödel Liebenwalde


Finowkanal and Havel-Oder Waterway

The Havel-Oder waterway itself is pleasant, but has little variety. It is a commercial waterway and has been expanded accordingly. However, the 400-year-old Finow canal is something quite different. This historical channel was lovingly repaired in the 90's and has since been awakened from its slumber. The shores are densely covered and lined with tall trees. There are hand-operated locks, many a gem of industrial architecture (riveted steel bridges, old forts and brick-memory) and densely vegetated channel banks which give you the feeling of being in a different century.

Have a turn on one of the twelve gates of the Finow canal and admire the boat lift at Niederfinow.

In Niederfinow is the oldest operating ship lift in Germany and a very good example of engineering. As of 2014, two boat lifts are next to each other and transports boats like an elevator floating in a trough. The old 1934 completed elevator (trough length 85 meters) will be available only for recreational boating, while the new long elevator is for the next generation of 115+ metre cargo ships. Already Niederfinow is a magnet for visitors. 

Lower Oder Valley

Behind the ship lift a simple journey begins on the Hohensaaten-Friedrichsthaler waterway. Here, nature is a constant companion. The flooded meadows in the spring and summer are the resting place for many migrating waterfowl.

Since Poland joined the Schengen Agreement there are no more border controls. So that you are well prepared for visiting Poland we provide a simple "Polish for boaters" word list and information on all the ports.

It is worthwhile going ashore to visit Lenne Park in Criewen and the baroque park of the castle park in Schwedt. The city of Szczecin has a cosmopolitan atmosphere, some excellent restaurants and great museums.

A little to the North is the fish-rich lake, Dammer's. Here there are beaches, marinas and scenic restaurants.

Werbelliner waters

Up to 55 meters deep is a native of the last ice age Werbellinsee, which is reached by driving through the beautiful, lush Werbellinkanal. By the surrounding Biosphere Reserve is the water of Werbellin of such good quality that can serve Fischerstuben whitefish. Eat or buy Creating and fish and cook on board is worth it - or just give yourself time to try the fishing luck?!

Berlin and Ruppin waters

The long Lehnitzsee brings relief after a long drive channel, is also worth a visit to the ancient cities Oranienburg (oldest baroque castle in Brandenburg, castle park with Orangerie) and Sachsenhausen (National Memorial).

Eagles, beavers and otters are the arrival and residents of the Ruppin waters subject to traffic almost exclusively of pleasure boats and steamers. The clear water of forest, lakes and ancient bastions provide a varied environment.

If you want to experience our capital from the water, we recommend a single trip to or from Zeuthen.