Lower Havel, Elbe, Müritz-Elde Waterway: Oneway to Müritz

Wide plains and wooded elevations characterize the Havel waterway to the Elbe. Through the expansive nature parks you will see a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is beautifully described in his "Walks" by Fontane and Herr von Ribbeck.

This is a wide waterway with less locks and many lakes for swimming and anchorages.

For the descent between Magdeburg and Havel mountain the water flows 5 kilometers per hour. It can feel like you are surfing!





Turn: Brandenburg - 4 to 7 days

  • Brandenburg (Havel) - Havel mountain and back: 4-7 days / 172 km / 8 locks

Turn: Brandenburg - 7 to 14 days

  • Brandenburg (Havel) - Havel Mountain - Riewendsee and back: 7-14 days / 222 km / 8 locks

Turn: Brandenburg - Elde - 7 to 10 days

  • Brandenburg (Havel) - waterway cross Magdeburg - Havel Mountain - Rathenow - Brandenburg (Havel) (only downstream and with steel boat): 7-10 days / 239 km / 9 locks

One ways

Big one way ride 14 to 17 days

  • Zeuthen - on the Elde - Port Müritz: 14-17 days / 450 km / 25 locks

Small one way Trip: 14 days

  • Zehdenick - on the Elde - Port Müritz: 14-17 days / 455 km / 25 locks

Lower Havel waterway and the city of Brandenburg

From our base in Brandenburg (Havel) you can follow up after the Havel Quitzöbel where the last branch of the river flows into the Elbe. Along the way you can initially experience a lot of nature and the city of Rathenow. The city offers interesting museums and boaters find good mooring facilities near the city. The recreation destination Rathenower is the 10 km long chain of lakes of Hohennauener waterway. Bays and even a golf court can be reached here by boat. You'll also find two of the best restaurants.


City of Brandenburg and the Beetzsee

West of Brandenburg is a spacious water surface, which is composed of several lakes. The lakes are sometimes quite flat, which speaks for beautiful anchorages. It is not dangerous, because the fairway is buoyed very accurate. North of Brandenburg is the Beetzsee-Riewendsee waterway, a twenty-kilometer chain of lakes with quiet beaches and cozy bays.

Elbe Tangermünde

Elbe Wasserstraßenkreuz

nature experience - tour with a boat