Müritz and the Great Lakes of Mecklenburg

The Mecklenburg Lake District consists of more than 1000, largely connected lakes enticing you for a trip through the nature and history of this area. The banks of the waterways are fringed by forests, meadows and marshes. Nature dominates the landscape.

The Blue Quartet comprises of Plauer lake, Fleesensee, Kölpinsee and the queen of all German lakes - the Müritz. Each of these four lakes is impressive by its size. There are no locks and just a few bridges making this area an ideal region for houseboats. 

For a little taste of the beauty of the Lake District, look at our Webcams in the harbor village Müritz.


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Turn: The blue quartet -3-7 days

Hafendorf Müritz – Plau – Hafendorf Müritz

Enjoy the view from the St Marien church over the Müritz, during your stop in Röbel. Look around the historic city Waren or drink a coffee in one of the numerous cafes at the habor. After Kölpinsee and Fleesensee you will reach the island city Malchow with the old town center and the swing bridge, which connects the old town with the new town. Next you will reach the Plauer Lake with the city of Plau am See. Besides all the beautiful cities also the nature has much beauty to offer.


  • 3-7 days / 86 km / 0 locks

Turn:the Müritz round - 3 to 7 days

Experience all the different shades of the Müritz. From our charterbase you will cross the little Müritz and pass Rechlin and Vipperow and drive towards Buchholz through the Müritzarm. Back at the Müritz you should stop in Röbel and Ware. From Waren you should drive along the east riverside of the Müritz national park back to the Hafendorf Müritz. 

  •  3 days / 90 km / 0 locks

Turn: One way to Zehdenick

Book a one way tour to our charterbase zehdenick. Explore new regions and save the way back.


  • 3-7 days / 93 km / 10 locks

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Turn: Havel and Elde

If you have much time you should make a tour over Berlin, Potsdam, Brandenburg at the Havel and Schwerin. Drive across the Obere-Havel waterway trough Oranienburg to Potsdam towards Brandenburg. If you have enough time you can also got to Magdeburg. If you arrive at Plau am See you are back at the Mecklenburg Lake District and you will pass Malchow and Waren on your way to the Hafendorf Müritz.


  • 14-21 days / 670 km / 44 locks

Turn: one way to berlin Zeuthen

You can expect beautiful nature and the feeling of city life on our tour from Hafendorf Müritz to Berlin Zeuthen. Along the Havel you will cross the Mecklenburg Lake District towards the Havel-Oder canal. Along the Spree you will see many attractions during your tour in Berlin.


  • 7-10 days / 202 km / 16 locks


the Müritz in the evening

Hafendorf Müritz

the houseboat fleet


Hafendorf Müritz sundown

Hafendorf Müritz with shipyard

sundown at the Müritz

fishery Vipperow

Kormoran at the marina Vipperow

habor in Waren

Kormoran auf Petersdorfer See

Ausflugstipp Malchow

Malchow Brückendurchfahrt

Malchower Stadthafen

Blühendes Mohnfeld

Elde Wasserstraße in Plau

Müritz Nationalpark

Müritz Nationalpark Bus

Strand im Hafendorf Müritz

Hafendorf Müritz Seebrücke

Sportboot auf der Müritz

Urlaub auf einer Kormoran

Müritz Nationalpark

Müritz Nationalpark

Wasserwanderrastplatz in Parchim

Plau Altstadtrundgang

Kirche St. Marien in Plau am See

Strandstraße in Plau


Fischverkauf am Wasser in Plau

Fischverkauf in Plau

Marina in Plau

Müritzfischer in Plau

Plauer Schleuse

Yachthafen Plau

Plauer Burgturm

Sternschnuppen Mecklenburg


Marina Waren

Waren Müritzeum

Stadthafen Waren


This lake is 117 square kilometers, from west to east is about 15 kilometers from north to south about 25 kilometers. This is so big that you can see from our main base in the port village of Müritz only on clear days the North Shore. Plenty of space for so long strokes with the sailing yacht or a leisurely crossing by boat.


On the western shore of Lake Müritz - Robel:

Because of its historic center and its sheltered bay with many mooring facilities Robel is one of the most beautiful destinations on the Müritz. It is worthwhile to climb the church tower: The panorama over two consecutive bays and the width of the Müritz is incomparable.


The southern Müritz region:

With the Little Müritz, the Müritzarm and Lake Müritz - there is little urban life. For the small towns (Rechlin, Ludorf, Buchholz), are embedded in a beautiful natural landscape. A special culinary shore excursion worth of Wasserwanderrastplatz Ludorf Romantik Hotel Manor House: There is historical in-landadeliger atmosphere in the style of the Danish Klinker Renaissance excellent food - on foot it is about 20 minutes by bike even faster. A true feeling for you nature at its best from the water or on a shore excursion to the Müritz National Park.


On the north shore of the lake:

At the so-called Binnenmüritz, is merchandise, the largest city Waren on Lake Müritz. Events such as the Müritz Sail, the Harbour Festival and open-air concerts make the shore to experience. The visit of the Müritzeum worth, the focus of the exhibition is a unique aquarium landscape with a simulated river landscape. The unique architecture is very impressive and in connection with the various exhibitions an experience for young and old.


On the way to Kölpinsee you can buy freshly caught and smoked fish and prepare themselves in the galley or enjoy there at the snack directly from the Müritz fishermen in Eldenburg.

From Kölpinsee worth the trip to Jabel: Between Jabelschem and Kölpinsee is the Damerower Werder Peninsula - a special protection area, in the European bison live in an outdoor enclosure. Ideally investors for a visit to the heaviest and largest land mammals of Europe's fisheries Damerow.


On the south bank of the shore Fleesensee worth in Untergöhren and visit Germany's largest holiday and leisure complex: If you want good food, takes place in the Radisson SAS Resort Schloss Fleesensee the right thing. For golfers, the Golf & Country Club offers a versatile range and the Fleesensee Spa verügt out over superior wellness opportunities. For customers, a shuttle is available.

Slightly west lies the old monastery town of Malchow. It provides by insularity anywhere a water view.

Plauer See

In the idyllic bays of the southern part of Lake Plauer can be wonderful to take a swimming break in order to run after the pretty town Plau. From the berth is one with a few steps in the center, where there are supply options and some good restaurants.

When it opens, the old lift bridge in Plau, the canalised section of the Müritz-Elde waterway in front of you: From here the canal towards Doemitz and Schwerin winds.