Mecklenburg and Brandenburg Lake District



In the south of the Müritz there are the smaller lakes in the heart of the Mecklenburg Lake District. The last ice age has left here about 300 lakes with partly natural compounds. Narrow, deep valley lakes, circular shallow lakes and short stitch canals form a water sports paradise, unique in Europe. Often the connecting canals can only be seen when your boat is in the immediate vicinity.

The small lakes consist essentially of two waterways: The Müritz-Havel waterway leading from the Müritz to Priepert and the Upper Havel waterway leading from Neustrelitz into the forest north of Berlin.


from charterbase Hafendorf Müritz

Turn: Rheinsberg - 3 Days

From Rechlin you will cross the little Müritz. Your first stop is in Mirow, where you can expect the first of four locks. There are a few berths near the castle island in Mirow and a visit of the castle island is definitely a highlight of this trip. Behind Mirow the canal flows towards Zotzensee and after the locks in Diemitz and Canow the Wolfsbrucher lock canal flows into the Rheinsberger waters. There are a lot of berthing and bathing opportunities and also the Rheinsberger castle can be visit.


  • Port of Müritz - Rheinsberg and back: 3 days / 89 km / 8 locks



Turn: Uckermark - 7 days

14 locks and 128 km waterway along forests and intact nature are waiting to be explored. Across the Müritz-Havel waterway and Obere-Havel waterway you will pass Mirow, Priepert and Fürstenberg. The lock in Himmelpfort and the river Woblitz leads you to the Lychener waters. Houseboat guests are not new for most of the little villages along the water, so you should go ashore. 


  • Port of Müritz - Fürstenberg - Lychen and back: 7 days / 128 km / 14 locks

Turn: Havel - 7 days

The former residence town Neustrelitz is a famous holiday destination, because of the location near the Zierker lake and the different cultural events. Besides a theatre there are museums, culture centers as well as the annual Immergut festival and the open air castle festival. On the other hand the nature offers many opportunities to relax and bath.


  • Port of Müritz - Rheinsberg - Fürstenberg - Neustrelitz and back: 7 days / 170 km / 18 locks

Turn: Lake District - 7 days

With our one way tours you can explore more waterways and save the time for the tour back. The tour can be booked for both directions. During your tour along the Obere-Havel waterway you will pass Fürstenberg, the Rheinsberger waterway and Mirow.

You can also visit the Lychener waters, after a lock and a big lake you will drive through a forest. The woblitz will lead you the the big Lyhener lake. For this trip you should plan two days more. 


  • 3-7 days / 50 km / 6 locks

from charterbase Zehdenick

Turn: Wentow waters - 2-3 Days

The Wentow waters are located north of the charterbase Zehdenick and are connected with the Obere-Havel waterway by the lock Marienthal. The first stop is at the marina Mildenberg which is great for young and old. The Wentow waters offer much space for berthing and are perfect especially for shorter holidays. 


  • 2-3 days / 30 km / 2 locks

Turn: Templiner waters - 3 Days

Before you come to the lock Schorfheide another way will lead you towards east to the Templiner waters. This waters consists of eight lakes, which are connected by two locks and a canal. This trip is perfect for shorter holidays and is a combination of shore leave and bathing holidays.

  • 3 dasy / 50 km / 4 locks

the Müritz in the evening

castle of Rheinsberg

Hafendorf Müritz bridge

the houseboat fleet

boathouses - Mecklenburg Lake District

Hafendorf Müritz sundown

sundown at the Müritz

Hafendorf Müritz

fishery Vipperow

Kormoran at the marina Vipperow

habor in Waren

Torhaus Mirow

Anlegestelle Mirow

3-Königinnen-Palais Mirow

Gartenanlage in Mirow

Mirower Parkanlage

Mirower Schleuse

Mirow Schlosscafe

Mirow Schlossinsel

Mirow zum Schloss

Mirower See

Neustrelitz Stadthafen

Marina Strasen

Marina Wesenberg

Marina Wesenberg

Wasserwanderrastplatz Wesenberg

Marina Wesenberg

Müritz-Havel Waterway - Castle Island, Castle Mirow and Rheinsberg

The first highlight on the way from the Müritz to Berlin is the former ducal residence, Mirow. Cross the moat and stroll through the park. Visit the baroque palace where the English Queen, Sophie Charlotte lived and stroll to the Love Island.

Before the completion of the Müritz-Havel waterway, the Müritz was connected to the small lake area over the so-called Old ride and the Bolter lock. Today, only the Lake Mirow and the Granzower Möschen are navigable. In the summer, the lilies are in bloom and a visit to the Mini Marina holiday park Mirow is highly recommended. This is the last point of the old drive, which can be run without a special permit. The Granzow Möschen is a small port and provides good protection from wind and waves from any direction, but large enough that even beginners can always maneuver without problems. The old ride has idyllic beaches and anchorages. 

A trip to the Rheinsberger waters leads to the Brandenburg town of the same name, which became famous by the German poet Theodor Fontane and Kurt Tucholsky. The Rheinsberger Palace with its garden provides a unique backdrop from the boat. The Rheinsberger waters have numerous tributaries, lakes and bays and both beautiful and quiet anchorages.

Upper Havel Waterway - Neustrelitz and Fürstenberg

In the northern part of the small lakes at the beginning of the Upper Havel waterway is Neustrelitz. This former residence of the Dukes of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, has an impressive baroque square and interesting streets. With its cultural offerings (State Theatre of Mecklenburg, Kachelofenfabrik, Slavic Village) and good shopping, a visit is worthwhile. A walk through the castle garden with its large lawn and orangery is not to be missed. 

Between Neustrelitz and Fürstenberg  is beautiful countryside along the Upper Havel. The banks are natural and are largely untouched. Look out for kingfishers and if you are very lucky you may see osprey. There are many tranquil bays. Der Wasserwanderrastplatz in Wesenberg offers a beautiful anchorage.

Fürstenberg offers a wide variety of things to do. There are many restaurants and in the old town you can admire the historic fishermen's houses. A visit to the Ravensbrück memorial provides insights into the recent history of the place.

In Himmelpfortgrund, stop and visit the old city and the Christmas post office. After this you are now entering one of the most beautiful sections as the Upper Havel gently winds between Himmelpfortgrund and the castle walls. It is a unique place for nature. At the start of this waterway is Schorfheide, which is an unspoilt area of marsh. In this area even cranes and gray geese breed. Even if you have no plans to go towards Berlin it is worth making this detour to experience the route. 

Another worthwhile detour is to Templin. The old town has well preserved medieval city walls and a modern natural thermal spa will make a memorable day ashore. The historic drawbridge and lock are a couple of sights best seen from the boat.