Peene & Bodden - Usedom - Szczecin Lagoon

The Peene, Bodden and Achterwasser are perfect for recreational captains: no locks, hardly any bridges, little current, but fields of water lilies, beavers and gray geese, old Hanseatic towns and fashionable seaside resorts. The area is a mixture of calm rivers, idyllic inland lakes and protected coastal waters. The spectrum ranges from the gently rolling Mecklenburg Switzerland to the marshy Vorpommern river landscape to the Baltic Sea island of Usedom with its beaches, forests and meadows. You can even explore the Szczecin Lagoon with our boats!



Charterstation: Malchin/Peene


driver license free

Malchin, Kummerow, Neukalen, Demmin and back

Malchin, Kummerow, Neukalen, Demmin and back



The largest lake in the area is Lake Kummerow, and the river is navigable from our new charter station in Malchin at Köster's Eck. In Kummerow it is only a few meters from the pier to the Kummerow Castle with its impressive photographic collection. The village of Neukalen can be reached via the so-called Teterower Peene, here it is worth the detour for a nice dinner. At Aalburde and Verchen you will reach the "Amazon of the North", which impresses with its breathtaking flora and fauna. The Hanseatic town of Demmin is located in the Three Rivers region, where the Peene, Trebel and Tollense rivers meet. Besides the medieval museum village Hanseviertel with its own pier Demmin offers good shopping facilities.


3 days / 76 km

Malchin, Anklam and back

The way to Anklam also starts with the crossing of the Kummerower See. Along the "Amazon of the North" and arrived in Demmin, the lake trail now continues to Loitz. There you can see a lovingly restored church and other historic buildings. The erratic block in Liepen or the moated castle in Quilow near Stolpe are also worth a visit. Once in Anklam, there are medieval churches and the Otto Lilienthal Museum to discover.


For skippers without a navigation license and for Febomobiles, the exciting trip ends in Anklam.


5-7 days / 182 km

driver's license required (SBF Binnen/See)

Malchin, Zinnowitz, Peenemünde and back

Malchin, Zinnowitz, Peenemünde and back



For those skippers who have the sport boat license See, the expanse of the Peene River opens up behind Anklam. The fishing port Lassan attracts with fish restaurants, the bay of Neppermin pronounced flora and fauna waiting to be discovered by boat. Once you arrive in Zinnowitz, you can admire Usedom's famous spa architecture or take the Bäderbahn to Wolgast, Heringsdorf or Swinemünde. At the northern tip of Usedom lies Peenemünde, there you can moor at one of the harbors and experience, for example, the history of German rocket research.


10-13 days / 342 km


Cultural events at Lake Kummerow

Germany's eighth largest lake is an insider's tip: between the rolling hills of Mecklenburg Switzerland, boaters will find a surprising variety: moorland, garden restaurants right on the water, castles, forests and pastures with giant trees and rare plants, galleries and cultural events. Idyllic canals lead to the towns of Malchin and Neukalen. On the Amazon of the North, the Peene, you can reach Anklam without a license.

Nature experience tour

The Peene, the Amazon of the North: More nature experience does not go! Kingfishers, cranes, ospreys, beavers, otters and pikes can be observed here. Rare orchids, marsh irises and water lilies can be found on the banks and in the peat ponds that branch off here again and again. Waterway resting places at estates and small towns offer overnight accommodation in complete silence.


Peenestrom, Achterwasser and Szczecin Lagoon

There is so incredibly much to see here, for example: Fishing village Feest, Peenemünde with the historical-technical museum, Baltic resort Zinnowitz (jetty at the Achterwasser), Hanseatic city Wolgast, in hospitable Poland: Swinemünde and Wolin and the seaside resort Ueckermünde, before it goes back into the Peene near Anklam.


Our tips around Lake Kummerow

  • Castles, manor houses, viking excavations

    Experience history and arrive by boat.

  • Garden restaurants by the water

    Dock directly at the restaurant: possible!

  • Anchor and experience nature

    Beautiful anchorages on the Kummerower See and in the Achterwasser.


Restaurant Gravelotte am Kummerower See



Moor vom Kummerower See

Stettiner Haff


Anleger Restaurant Moorbauer


Mecklenburgische Schweiz, river landscape Peenemünde and Usedom

Peene, Peenestrom and Achterwasser are perfect for leisure captains: no locks, hardly any bridges, little flow, but there are water lily fields, beaver and gray geese, old Hanseatic cities and fashionable seaside resorts. The area boasts a mixture of calm river, idyllic inland lakes and protected coastal waters and extends from Mecklenburg Switzerland to the Baltic Sea island of Usedom.