The Great Masurian Lakes

The scenic beauty of the Great Masurian Lakes is legendary. The glacial moraine consists of approximately 3000 lakes. 25 of the most beautiful lakes are connected by picturesque canals and idyllic rivers. The smaller lakes are called "the eyes of the sky" because the clouds are reflected in the emerald green and ultramarine blue water. The country has gentle, undulating hills, the highest mountains are just about 300 meters high. Ashore the Masurians offer ancient towns and avenues as well as storks, eagles, cranes and luminous fields of rape, which make this area memorable. 

Itineraries (no license required)


Turn: South-cruise - 10 results up to 14 days

  • Drive from Piaski to the south and to the north and back: 10-14 days / 150-220 km / 0 (4) locks

Turn: South-Cruise - 4 to 7 days

  • Piaski, Spirding, Johannesburg, Nikolaiken, Niedersee and lakes: 4-7 days / 80-120 km / 0 (4) locks

Turn: North Cruise - 7 to 10 days

  • Piaski, Spirding, Nikolaiken, Rhine, Lötzen, Steinort, Anger castle and back: 7-10 days / 120-180 km trip / 0 locks

The Spirdingsee and the south

This area has many tranquil lakes and a peaceful haven.

In the main season the city of Nikolaiken (Mikolajki) is full of life. The main town of the southern chain of lakes is also called the Masurian Venice. In summer more boats than cars seem to populate the city. The attractive waterfront was redesigned in the new millennium. You will find many restaurants, ice cream shops, small shops and street vendors along the streets - perfect to stroll around in afternoon.


Tthe settlement of the natives "Galindia" is not far away and near the Beldahn lake, there you can admire many beautiful and bizarre wood carvings or enjoy a cold beer inside the vast catacombs. Nearby is the Spirdingsee (Jezioro Sniardwy) with 114 square kilometers, which is close to the size of the Müritz. This is a beautiful chain of lakes. There is also a helpful tourist centre at the Niedersee (Ruciane-Nida). The further you drive away from Nikolaiken the quieter will it become. If you go to the Rosch lake you may will be alone, even at the main season. 


The Mauer lake and the North

The northern lakes with the Mauersee, which is 104 square kilometer big, are surrounded by dense mixed forests and fertile ground - because of that the Prussian nobility built their most beautiful mansions in this area. Lötzen (Gizycko) is the capital of water sports because of its location and size. In the end of the 19th century the swing bridge was completed and since this day it controls car and boat traffic. The bridge is an interesting attraction in this town. Near to the bridge is the waterfront; there are planted beautiful flowers and it has a free WiFi hotspot. There are also a variety of small shops. 


The maritime center is the marina Steinort in the northern area next to Lötzen. The harbor is protected, very well maintained and equipped with many maritime services. Steinort (Sztynort) is a good starting point for a trip through the german history. The port area adjoins the castle of Steinort from the family von Lehndorff (Heinrich Graf von Lehndorff was executed in 1944 for his involvement in the assassination attempt on Hitler). If you have some time, leave your boat for a day and make a bike trip to Hitler's head quater in the village of Wolfsschanze, which is a good museum and memorial of the assassination.


When you reach Angersburg (Wegorzewo) you have reached the most northern point of your journey. It is worth to pass several marinas and moor in the last corner of the waterway, in front of the castle at the old town harbor. There you can also go to the open-air museum and sample Masurian country life from the last century.

Food, fishing, locks

Eating ashore in the area of the Masurian Lakes is much fun. Good delicious meals are cooked at served ports for a very reasonable prices.

Pike, catfish, perch and whitefish can be found there. You need a special permit to fish and this can be purchased locally. 

In total there are only 2 locks in the south and these open just a couple of additional lakes.