Frequently Asked Questions

General information

Contact Details


Hafendorf Müritz; D-17248 Rechlin


Tel: 0398 23 266-0

Fax: 0398 23 266-10


Site Addresses


For Germany and France


Age limit

To charter a boat with KUHNLE-TOURS you must be at least 18 years old.


We will be happy to advise you on the types of boat and together we will try to find the ideal boat for you. Note: The “Febomobil" is particularly well suited for boat guests with walking difficulties, as it is at ground level. It also has wide doors, a large - easily accessible wet cell and a sturdy railing.

Certificate Of Security

There is no security certificate, as boat charters are subject to rental law.

Boat Knowledge

The water and waste water tanks usually last about seven days. You will receive a detailed briefing on the day of arrival. Most boats are equipped with bow or stern thrusters so that you can manoeuvre without any problems.

Boat licenses

You can travel anywhere without a license, except in certain parts of Berlin and the district of Rügen and Bodden.


We provide a detailed briefing on arrival. The briefing takes about 3 hours and includes a test drive with our staff to ensure you are fully prepared.


You are welcome to bring your pet on board. We charge 70,- € per pet.  More information>>


On all our bases are staff members that speak English. Thus you don't have to worry, we explain everything in English, when required.


Booking Options

You can book online via, by phone at +49 (0) 39823-26 60, by email on or even by post with a booking request.

Documents Have Not Arrived

Your voucher is sent once your final payment has been received. Please check if the payment has already been made.

Rental Voucher

We do not send out rental vouchers or vouchers. Please bring your booking confirmation with you on arrival to present at the respective marina.


Bed linen, towels, ...

Available on the boats* are bed linen, towels and bath towels (according to the number of persons), dish towels (2 per boat, 3 and 4 cabin boats: 3 per boat), washing-up liquid, sponge cloth, toilet paper (one roll per wet cell), hand soap (one per wet cell) * = included on all Kormorans and Aquinos.


On all boats you will find: crockery, cutlery, pots, pans, cooking tools, sinks with hot and cold water and a gas cooker (with two to four plates). There is also an oven on many boats, except for the Tjonger, Galle, and bellus 750.

Coffee Machine

We do not have coffee machines on board. However, you can brew your own coffee, there are filter attachments in the galley. Please buy yourself coffee filters in size 4.


You can book a TV for 9,- €/day. For a flat screen TV we charge a deposit of € 100. Internet TV is possible via WiFi. There is no guarantee of reception on the water and there are few capacities. (Only from/to Hafendorf Müritz)

Mosquito Repellent

On the Aquino 1190, Primus Kormoran, Advanced Kormoran and Haines boats there are insect screens on the windows of the sleeping cabins. In any case, we recommend that you apply an insect repellent spray when you are outdoors or on deck.

Online access

In our harbours in Rechlin and in Niderviller you have free W-Lan access. On the Aquino 1190 and the Pirate 1200 G, a router with data card is included in the charter price. For all other boats you can book a router with data card for 9,-€/day. However, reception on the water cannot be guaranteed.


Most boats have a bimini or parasol on board. For all other boats a parasol can be rented, except for the Febomobil/Bunbos.

Water Supply

The water and waste water tanks usually last about seven days. In the trip planner you will find the marinas where you can refill or empty them.

You can find out how much volume the tanks have here.

Life Jackets

You do not need to bring your own life jackets. We have waistcoats for adults on board, mostly in the saloon under the seating. For your children we have extra life jackets in our marina in Rechlin, Priepert, Zeuthen and Niderviller, which we adapt to the weight of your child. If there is no suitable waistcoat for you, please contact the staff and a suitable life jacket will be selected.


Most of our houseboats are equipped with shore power. The boats Aquino 1190, Kormoran 1500, and all Haines boats are equipped with a 230-volt shore power connection and 230-volt inverter, which means that if there is no shore power connection, you have 2000 watts for a few hours, up to 3000 watts in the peaks, and that at all sockets. So, when the battery is charged, you can use the laptop or other 230-volt devices while driving. You will find sockets in every cabin and also in or in front of the wet cell.


There are no radios on the boats.

Horse Power

The boats have an average of 62 hp.

Exceptions are especially the Febomobiles, which have a maximum of 15 hp.

Before the cruise


We will send you the following documents in advance: The captain's manual and sailing literature (depending on the area).

At the German bases you will also receive a cruise atlas on loan.

Prepared Trips

We have prepared trip suggestions for you in the catalogues "Boating Holidays", "Mecklenburg and Märkische Waters Trip Planner" and "Mecklenburg and Märkische Waters Trip Atlas".

Online you can get ideas for planning your trip according to your holiday region or get inspiration from other holidaymakers.


You will find shopping facilities at our bases. There is no shopping service on our part.

Boat Visit

You can explore numerous boats in our Hafendorf Müritz in Rechlin.

Boat Handover

We are waiting for you in the marina office. Here we need from you:

  • the travel voucher.
  • your original boat license, if available.
  •  the deposit, either in cash or by VISA- or Mastercard (The deposit is either 1.200,- Euro or 250,- Euro if you have booked a deposit reduction in addition) and the fuel flat rate of 190,- Euro.
  • a possible final payment.

You will receive from us:

  •  twice the handover protocol, once with and once without inventory list of the boat. Here we and you acknowledge that the deposit for the boat has been paid. On this handover protocol, the colleague writes down the initial reading of the operating hours counter during the practical instruction.
  • the log book: Here you will find important details about the technology, the papers for the boat, as well as a damage report in case you cause damage. Furthermore, there is a service and emergency number on the logbook that can be reached 24 hours a day if you have any questions about the technology or if there is a defect. (is on the boat from now on) 
  • children's life jackets if required

Afterwards, if your boat is already ready for occupancy, you can load the boat and move in. We would like to ask you to go through the inventory list and report any discrepancies to your colleague during the briefing.

If you are sailing without a boat licence, it is a legal requirement in Germany to have a three-hour briefing. The one-and-a-half hour theory lesson starts at around 4 pm (may vary). We would like to ask you, if possible, to participate in pairs or threes only. If necessary, the other participants can load the boat in the meantime.

In advance or afterwards, you will receive your practical instruction, which lasts about one and a half hours. All passengers are allowed to be on board.

Driving to the port village of Müritz

Highway Berlin - Hamburg A24, at the motorway junction Wittstock / Dosse, take the A19 towards Rostock, exit Robel. Alternative A 19 Coming from Rostock also exit Robel. Now follow the B198 direction Neustrelitz. After about 20 kilometers from the town Vietzen pass through (do not turn). Branch off 500 meters after the village Vietzen at the junction immediately after the overpass, turn left towards Boek. Stay on this road (about 4.4 km). At the junction Rechlin-Nord still straight; then turn left at the GSE left (sign harbor village is available). After about 250 meters turn right (the turn-off to the port village of Müritz / KUHNLE-TOURS take). In the holiday home area, turn the street in front of the clearly visible apartment tower on the left. This leads directly to the Marina office.

From Berlin the port village of Müritz can be reached in just over an hour's drive, from Hamburg in just under two hours.

Please note: On the way from the highway to the port village of Müritz there are two fixed speed cameras. The first is located just after the motorway exit in Dambeck at the Shell gas station (70 km / h zone). The second is the road through Vipperow. Enter the destination address "Boeker Landstrasse, 17248 Rechlin". Please leave shortly before the finish as described above. Navigation systems are frequently incorrect. 

Kuhnle boat box

The Kuhnle boat-box is our ideas box. 

During the cruise


You can plan your route individually or follow our suggested itineraries. On average, our customers sail for about 3-6 hours a day. We recommend a speed of 6 - 8 km/h. This way you protect the shore waters and can enjoy the trip in a relaxed way. This way you protect the shore waters and can enjoy the trip in a relaxed way.


You can moor or anchor directly in nature in most areas. There are only restrictions on the large lakes, such as the upper lakes of Mecklenburg. There you can only anchor on the lake if you have a boat licence. We also provide you with a map showing all the marinas. This way you can plan your trip exactly.


Depending on the region, the locks are equipped with a lock keeper, run automatically or have to be operated by you. You will find the different lock opening times in the "Törnplaner".

Berth Reservations

Berths cannot be reserved. You have the possibility to call the respective port and ask if there are free capacities. You will find details of the ports and telephone numbers in the "Trip planner".

Local Washing Facilities

There are sanitary facilities in almost every harbour. In the trip planner you will find the individual moorings and see whether there are showers there.


The Müritz, the "little sea", is a not entirely safe lake. Anyone with a charter licence can sail up to wind force 3, but not in stronger winds. If you have a boat licence, you may also cross the Müritz in stronger winds (up to force 6), but we advise against it. If it is stormy and you are not allowed to cross the Müritz, but you are supposed to hand in the boat the next day, we ask you to wait. Report to the marina office or the technical emergency service at 8 a.m. on the day of delivery. Crossing is not permitted with the Febomobiles, Bunbos and the Sundeck 400.

Emergency Phone

Who will help me on my houseboat holiday if there is a problem?


We have an emergency service, for technical problems and breakdowns between 6 am and 8:30 pm, after that only in absolute emergencies.

You can find the number in the log book.


Primus-Kormoran-boats are equipped with hot water heaters, same the Advanced-Kormoran-boats and the Aquinos 1190. The latter two have additional underfloor heating in the saloon. The majority of the other boats are equipped with functional warm air heaters. All heating systems are easy to regulate and thanks to good insulation of the boats, the warmth is retained even in cold seasons.

After the cruise

Trip Journal

Please send your Trip Journal to us by post (Kuhnle Tours GmbH, harbor village Müritz, 17248 Rechlin - Germany) or by email to

Forgot something on the boat?

After the departure of our customers, each boat is checked and cleaned, therefore we notice the forgotten things immediately and can be assigned. We will send you the items by post at a charge.

Finance / Cost


The deposit for the boat is usually € 1,200, but can cost up to € 2,000 (Elbe and Oder trips) depending on the area. There is the possibility of booking a deposit reduction to 250,- €. In doing so, you pay a daily price for using this reduction. The deposit for fuel is 220,- €. You must pay this in advance (cash or by credit card).


To make it easier for you and for us, when you return your boat (except for some boats with outboard motors), we will charge you
according to operating hours. Fuel, engine oil and gas are included in the operating hours.

Here is a list of the operating hour costs/hour of running engine.

(subject to change e.g. due to fuel price changes or tax increases)

Final Cleaning

The cost of the final cleaning depends on the type of boat.

Travel Cancellation Insurance

We do not offer travel cancellation insurance.

What's Included In The Rental?

Included in the rent is the complete inventory with household and boat accessories, crockery and glasses, cutlery, cooking utensils, kitchen accessories, shower and toilet, hot and cold running water, gas cooker with hotplates, oven, refrigerator, electric light, duvets and pillows, necessary deck equipment such as lines, anchors, boat hooks, fenders.

Berthing Costs

Free berthsare available for our charter guests in our marinas in Hafendorf Müritz, in Zeuthen and in Niderviller. If you moor your own boat or a boat from another rental company in our marinas, the costs depend on the length of the boat. You pay between €1.80 and €2 per metre. If you are in the marina for less than four hours and before 4pm, you pay €4. The costs in other marinas may differ.

Lock fees

There are no lock fees in Germany and France.

Discounts / Last Minute Bookings

We offer the following discounts: Early Bird Discount (5%), multi-week trips (10-20%, depending on the length of the vacation), when two or more children, there is 10%), group discounts (5-15%) and last minute deals.

Discount For A Repeat Booking

You will receive a 10% discount for your second holiday in the same year on the lower priced cruise of the two charters booked. For the third charter, the discount is based on the second cheapest charter price. This discount is not valid for day charters, for directly consecutive cruises and cannot be combined with special offers or last-minute discounts.


Give your loved one a houseboat voucher. After payment, you can choose from various voucher templates.

Further Questions


Of course you are allowed to fish. If you do not have a fishing licence, it is possible to purchase a tourist fishing licence for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for 24 euros (for four weeks). Children up to the age of 14 do not need a fishing licence. You will also need a fishing permit for the particular body of water you wish to fish - prices vary according to daily or weekly permits depending on the body of water. If required, you can also borrow fishing rods and a cool box from us.


You can rent bicycles at many of our bases. Due to the high demand in the season, we ask you to reserve them in advance. Of course, you may also bring your own bikes.

Bike Transport

The Primus Kormorans (except Kormoran 940) are equipped with bicycle racks for up to 3 bikes and take up very little space.  You can book in advance a bike rack for free in the port village Müritz and Niderviller. For all other boats it is possible to store bikes on the sun deck.

If you have further questions, please contact us via chat, email or phone 0049 (0)39 823 2660.