Prior to the trip we will send you, The Captain's Guide and relevant local guides. 

Trip Planning

First, we will send you a "turn planning" with water maps and a detailed inventory of jetties, lock times and shopping. On the boat there is also a "Törnatlantas" with highly detailed maps and information on water depths, widths, depths, locks, information on the equipment of marinas etc.

Prepared Trips

We have created "Mecklenburg and Märkische waters Törnatlas" for your Itineraries in the catalogs "boat holiday", "turn planning for Mecklenburg and Märkische water".

Boat sightseeing

In our port village Müritz in Rechlin, you can explore many tour boats.

Boat transfer

We are located in the Marina office. At the marina office we need from you:

  • The travel voucher.
  • Your original boat license, if available.
  • The deposit, either in cash or by VISA or MasterCard (The deposit is either €1200 to €250. The fuel deposit is €190. 

You will receive:

  • There are 2 handover. Firstly, we acknowledge the deposit and then we hand over the inventory list. The operating hours are started. 
  • The log book. Here you will find important details about the technology, the papers for the boat, and what happens if you cause damage. There is also in the log book the emergency numbers. 
  • Any required life jackets. 

You can then, if your boat is ready, load the boat and move in. We ask you to go through the inventory list and report any discrepancies to the colleagues in the briefing.

If you drive without a license, it is the law in Germany to receive a three hour briefing. Normally just a couple of people attend from each boat, whilst the others unpack their belongings.

After the briefing then everyone must take part in the hands-on training. 

Driving to the port village of Müritz

Highway Berlin - Hamburg A24, at the motorway junction Wittstock / Dosse, take the A19 towards Rostock, exit Robel. Alternative A 19 Coming from Rostock also exit Robel. Now follow the B198 direction Neustrelitz. After about 20 kilometers from the town Vietzen pass through (do not turn). Branch off 500 meters after the village Vietzen at the junction immediately after the overpass, turn left towards Boek. Stay on this road (about 4.4 km). At the junction Rechlin-Nord still straight; then turn left at the GSE left (sign harbor village is available). After about 250 meters turn right (the turn-off to the port village of Müritz / KUHNLE-TOURS take). In the holiday home area, turn the street in front of the clearly visible apartment tower on the left. This leads directly to the Marina office.

From Berlin the port village of Müritz can be reached in just over an hour's drive, from Hamburg in just under two hours.

Please note: On the way from the highway to the port village of Müritz there are two fixed speed cameras. The first is located just after the motorway exit in Dambeck at the Shell gas station (70 km / h zone). The second is the road through Vipperow. Enter the destination address "Boeker Landstrasse, 17248 Rechlin". Please leave shortly before the finish as described above. Navigation systems are frequently incorrect. 


You will find shopping in our bases. We do not provide a shopping service.

Kuhnle boat box

The Kuhnle boat-box is our ideas box.