You can plan your own individual route or follow our recommendations. On average, our customers drive about 6 hours a day. We recommend a speed of 6 - 8 km / h to protect the shore waters and enable you to relax and enjoy the trip.


You can drop anchor in most areas. There are only restrictions on the Great Lakes, such as the Mecklenburg Upper Lakes, where you can only anchor if you own a boat license. 


Depending on the region, the locks have a lock-keeper, run automatically or must be operated by you. It is worth planning your day if locks are only open at certain times. 

Mooring reservations

Berths cannot be reserved, although you can call in advance and find out if there is spare capacity. We provide information about each port and contact information. 

Local washing facilities

In most ports there are shower blocks. 


The Müritz, the "little sea", is a lake to be wary of. There are winds up to force 3. If you own a boat licence you may cross the Müritz even at higher wind speeds, but we do not recommend it.


Please remain calm. Call us at the Marina office and report the damage. The book includes a damage report, which you have to complete. You can also call the Water Police. If a third party is damaged, please be sure to include the contact details and take photos.

Emergency Phone

We have an emergency phone for each area. The number is kept in the log book.