The normal deposit for the boat is €1200 in general, but can cost up to €2000, depending on the area. The deposit for fuel is €190. You must pre-pay by cash or credit card.


At the end of your journey you will pay the actual operational hours used. This is a flat fee and includes fuel, engine oil, and gas. Normally the fee is approximately €190.


The cost of cleaning will depend on the type of boat.

Trip cancellation insurance

We do not offer trip cancellation insurance ourselves. We recommend insuring through Gotha Insurance and will gladly send you the necessary documents before departure. If you give us your credit card information, we will also take over the booking of the insurance for you.

What's included in the boat hire?

Included in the rent is the complete inventory of household and boat accessories, crockery and glassware, flatware, cookware, kitchen accessories, shower and toilet, running hot and cold water, gas cooker with hob, oven, fridge, electric light, duvets and pillows and all necessary deck equipment such as lines, anchor, boat hook, and fenders.

Berthing costs

The cost depends on the boat length. You pay for a stop in our marinas between €1.30 and €1.75 per m. If your stay is less than 4 hours and before 4 p.m. there is a reduction in fees.  Costs will vary from marina to marina.

Lock fees

In Germany, Poland and France, there are no lock fees. In the Netherlands there is just the occasional charge.

Discounts / Last Minute Bookings

We offer the following discounts: Early Bird Discount (5%), multi-week trips (10-20%, depending on the length of the vacation), family discount (5% for a child under the age of 18, when two or more children, there is 10%), group discounts (5-15%), pair off in France (10% on certain boats) and last minute deals.

Discounts for repeat bookings

We offer a 10% discount for your second holiday in the same year. 10% discount is on the cheaper holiday. If you book a third charter then the discount is also based on the cheapest booking.

This discount is not valid for day charter in directly consecutive trips and cannot be combined with special offers and last minute discounts.


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