Certificate of Security

There is no assurance certificate. Boat charter is subject to tenancy law.

Age limit

To charter a boat from KUHNLE-TOURS, you must be at least 18 years old.


We recommend a minimum crew of 2 adults to avoid somebody being alone in an emergency.

Boat licenses

You can travel anywhere without a license, except in certain parts of Berlin and the district of Rügen and Bodden.

Boat knowledge

You do not need any experience or specific boat knowledge. You will receive a full briefing on arrival. Most boats are equipped with bow and stern thrusters, so you can easily maneuver.


We provide a detailed briefing on arrival. The briefing takes about 3 hours and includes a test drive with our staff to ensure you are fully prepared.


We will advise you on all the types of boat and try to find the ideal boat for you. The "Febomobil" is particularly suitable for disabled guests as it is at ground level, has wide doorways, many hand rails and an easy access wet room.


We welcome all pets on board.

Contact Details


Hafendorf Müritz; D-17248 Rechlin


Tel: 0398 23 266-0

Fax: 0398 23 266-10



Site Addresses

Address port village Müritz:

Port of Müritz;

D-17248 Rechlin (Müritz)

Phone: (03 98 23) 2 66-66 / Fax: (03 98 23) 2 66-26

E-mail: Rechlin (at) kuhnle-tours.de



Zeuthen address:

Dorfaue 5;

D-15738 Zeuthen

Phone: (03 37 62) 7 03 16 / Fax: (03 37 62) 9 99 25

E-mail: zeuthen (at) kuhnle-tours.de


Zehdenick address:

Schleusenstraße 13;

D-16792 Zehdenick

Phone: (03 30 7) 7 42 00 110

E-mail: zehdenick (at) kuhnle-tours.de


Niderviller address:

Port Fluvial fir home;

F-57565 Niderviller

Phone: (0033) (0) 3 87 24 92 00 / Fax: (0033) (0)

E-mail: Niderviller (at) kuhnle-tours.de