The Mecklenburg Lake District: Germany's largest outdoor pool

When the temperatures are warm, there's only one good idea: get into the cool water!

But who wants to crowd the Baltic Sea beach, swallow salt water and stand thirsty in front of the queue at the drinks stand?

We have an alternative: Germany's largest open-air swimming pool - the Mecklenburg Lake District with pleasant bathing temperatures.

With our licence-free boats, almost 2000 kilometres of waterways become a free bathing establishment. Of course, without lifeguards, beach sections or bathing costume regulations.

Simply get on board, cast off, head for the next bay, drop anchor and enjoy the sun and water.

That is freedom.



1: Free swimmer pool

Best water quality without chlorine, lane swimming without oncoming traffic. For water depth, see depth sounder display.


2: Bathing platform

Legs dangling, feet bathing and jumping from the pool edge allowed.

3: Shower

No soap or washing required before using the bath!

4: Aft deck

2-metre board and private sunbathing area, bimini or parasol.

5: Bow

1-metre board

6: Saloon roof

3-metre board and permanently installed sunshade.

7: Railing

Sufficient drying racks for towel and swimming trunks


8: Safety

Instead of lifeguards, there is the uncomplicated lifebuoy on the long line.

9: Below deck

Comfortable changing cabins with lockers and sun-protected loungers for a nap in the midday heat.
Varied gastronomic offer and always enough cool drinks.
Well-kept sanitary facilities for private use.

10: Steering wheel and propeller

Mobility guarantee for always optimal sun position of the sunbathing lawn.

11: Audio system

If it gets on your nerves, just switch it off.

Experience a new world - on the lakes next door

If you use the houseboat as a base for stand-up paddling or canoe tours, for swimming, fishing or diving, you can experience nature and water sports in an uncomplicated way.

You are virtually in the middle of it all and always have your canoe, stand-up paddling board or fishing rod with you, whether you bring it with you or rent it from us.

Thousands of inland lakes from the village pond to the queen of lakes - the Müritz - are waiting to be discovered. Rivers and connecting canals, extensive forests, moors and large protected areas form a unique natural theatre.

Nature parks and nature reserves border the cruising areas accessible from our charter stations. Müritz National Park, Nossentiner/Schwinzer Heide Nature Park, Stechlin-Ruppiner Land Nature Park, Schorfheide-Chorin UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Barnim Nature Park and the Dahme-Heideseen Nature Park. So on your tours you have the opportunity to observe white-tailed eagles, ospreys and many other rare animal and plant species.

There really is room for adventure here! Book your houseboat now: