Take a houseboat holiday - and travel by car

Very close and yet far away - without flight chaos

Flights and train journeys are not the best idea at the moment if you want to go on holiday: long waiting times at check-in, flights cancelled due to staff shortages, problems with luggage, platforms and trains clogged with 9-euro ticket-takers. On the motorways, things remained relatively quiet compared to the flight chaos. That speaks for travelling in your own car and for holidays on a houseboat.

Come to the land of 1000 lakes or to Elsass-Lothringen:


Arrival and parking facilities

You can reach one of our charter stations in Germany and Alsace-Lorraine from your home town by car in just a few hours.

In the harbour village of Müritz there are free parking spaces, a parking hall for which a fee is charged, as well as e-charging stations.

There is also free parking in Niderviller on the marina grounds.

In Zeuthen there is a limited number of free parking spaces.

At most other stations, you will find free public parking spaces in the immediate vicinity or we have paid parking spaces available for you at or near the marinas.



Travel information to the KUHNLE-TOURS chaterstations

We have a boat for you!

Last minute bargain cruises are still available

At our bases in the Müritz harbour village, in Priepert, Fürstenberg, Zehdenick and Zeuthen! And there's still something available in France too!

Imagine what it's like to be anchored on your own island. You can jump into the water whenever you want, lie in the sun without anyone shaking out a sandy towel next to you, no queue waiting in front of the buffet. The fridge is stocked with your favourite things (you've done the shopping yourself), the oven is ready to bake rolls in the morning, and the only people on board with you are those you find nice enough to take on a cruise.

Feel free to call and ask for advice, phone: 03 98 23 26 60



Short-term free boats at last-minute bargain prices:

Takeover/Return Priepert

Febomobil 1180

Kormoran 940

Takeover/Return Niderviller

Kormoran 940

Kormoran 1140

Kormoran 1280

Takeover/Return Zeuthen:

Kormoran 940

Kormoran 1140

Kormoran 1280

Takeover/Return Fürstenberg:

Kormoran 940

Nicols Estivale Octo

Aquanaut Vintage

Pedro H2Home


17.08. - 24.08.

10.08. - 17.08.


15.08. - 19.08.

05.08. - 08.08.

05.08. -  08.08.


01.08. - 05.08.

12.08. - 15.08.

05.08. - 08.08.


05.08. - 08.08.

12.08. - 15.08.

01.08. - 05.08.

01.08. - 05.08.


from 2.485,- Euro

from 1,897,- Euro


from 1.232,- Euro

from 1.320,- Euro

from 1.596,- Euro


from 1.216,- Euro

from 1.302,- Euro

from 1.971,- Euro


from 1.140,- Euro

from 1.419,- Euro

from 2.192,- Euro

from 1.504,- Euro