Adventure houseboat

Here is really room for adventure! Thousands of inland lakes, from the village pond to the queen of lakes - the Müritz - are waiting for you! Rivers and connecting canals, extensive forests, moors and large protected areas form a unique natural theater. Due to this interplay of lakes and forests, the waterways offer an ideal opportunity to discover nature.

Watch white-tailed eagles and ospreys, be awakened by the call of the cranes and enchanted by the sunset, be amazed when intact nature opens its curtain for you.

Experience nature at anchor!

If you really want to enjoy nature, boat and tranquility, you anchor. All of our houseboats are equipped with solid anchoring gear that keeps the boat securely in place while allowing distance from sensitive shoreline areas.


There are many good reasons for anchoring:


  •     no mooring costs in marinas, harbors or at water recreation areas
  •     the open-air swimming pool is included - best bathing possibilities
  •     you can't get any closer to nature
  •     no end of peace and quiet (distance to neighbors should be at least 4 to 7 boat lengths)
  •     you do not disturb anybody and nobody disturbs you

Anchoring is quite simple:

- a few basic skills and common sense provided -.

You look for a nice corner or bay that offers protection from the main wind direction and has between one and a half and three meters of water depth. Then you sail upwind to the anchorage, drop the anchor (rule of thumb for the length of the anchor chain: three times the depth of the water). Then wait for the wind to gently push the boat backward so that the anchor digs into the lake bottom (you may need to help it along a bit with a small reverse trip).

Good pro-tips on weather observation or how to tell if the anchor is holding (or not) can be found in Quick Maritim Medien's Charter Guide or in the Captain's Handbook sent to you before the trip.


By the way, anchoring is also possible with several boats:

The heaviest boat drops its anchor and a smaller, lighter boat simply moors alongside the larger boat (don't forget fenders between boats).

Please note: If the boats are of equal or almost equal weight, if there is to be an overnight stay at anchor or if all crew members want to leave the boats, each boat must be secured with its own anchor.

When you set off from Hafendorf Müritz, there are many suitable places nearby to try anchoring. They are marked here on the map.

The best anchor bays to try:

Head south from Hafendorf Müritz onto Kleine Müritz, there is plenty of room for your first anchor attempts. Or turn right through the bridge into the Müritz arm, on the eastern shore is Café Loni. If you anchor, you can get a cake there. Unfortunately, it is not possible to moor here. On the way to Buchholz there are more cozy anchorages. You can also moor in Mirower See, in the bay to the northwest.


In France, anchoring is done differently:

There are ground pegs on board: with them you can moor almost anywhere on the canal bank, should no bollard be found.

Even in the heart of Europe there are so free overnight accommodation with experience guarantee.

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