Adventure houseboat

There is much room for adventure here! Thousands of lakes, from the village pond to the Queen of the Lakes - the Müritz - are waiting for you! Rivers and connecting canals, vast forests, moors and large protected areas form a unique natural theater. Due to the interplay of lakes and forests, the waterways provide an ideal opportunity to discover nature. Watch the sea and fish eagles, wake up to the call of the cranes and be enchanted by the sunset, be amazed when the intact nature opens the curtain for you.

Our base in the harbor village Müritz offers the perfect starting point, as it is located directly at the Müritz and Müritz national park.

What is the right boat for an adventure trip?

Basically every boat is good enough for an adventure as long as it floats. The ideal adventure boat is our Febomobil 720 Open. It offers the comfort of a closed bathroom (with toilet and shower) and an open kitchen (with sink, fridge and cooker). The rest is pure adventure!


Because you can completely fold away roof and side panels, it is possible to sleep under the stars. Two berths are firmly installed as sleeping places: Roll out your sleeping bag on the tightly stretched canvas track and become part of nature.


Our other boats offer the same comfort as you know from home. On our Febomobil, the house on the water, you have nothing to sacrifice and you are close to nature through the large windows and the spacious roof terrace. vetus or Kormoran also have their advantages, for example if you are traveling with a larger crew or you want to enjoy the advantage of a shore-independent hot water heating in the off-season.


In addition to one of our houseboats as a base, we recommend that you also take a look at our extras. You can take canoe, SUPs or a dinghy for your adventure trip in bays, which can be closed to motorboats (to protect animals and plants). These will also land you quickly if there is no port or landing stage in sight. Or you simply power up after an hour of canal travel with the paddle in your hand.


Every day on the houseboat offers new perspectives and experiences. Give the adventure a chance to find you!

Febomobil Open

Febomobil 1180

Febomobil Open