Captain for the first time

No fear of big boats - the KUHNLE-TOURS fleet is perfectly equipped so that even every beginner can steer and maneuver the boats very well. State-of-the-art joystick technology, stern and bow thrusters make every mooring a breeze.

Enjoy the new territory of water and plunge into the houseboat driving pleasure!

Which area is right for my houseboat trip? - Where can I rent a houseboat?

  • Germany

    Kinder baden an der Mecklenburgischen Seenplatte direkt vom Hausboot

    Plan your houseboat vacation in Germany and discover Müritz, Havel and Co.

    Area Info Germany
  • France

    Anleger im Elsässischen Niderviller bei Sonnenaufgang

    Good wine and unique monuments await you along the waterways in France.

    Houseboats in Alsace

Discover the most beautiful cruising areas by houseboat

Discover the most beautiful cruising areas by houseboat, vacation on the water
Vacation on the houseboat

We offer houseboats in Germany and France, in all areas you can sail without a license. You will find detailed information and offers in the catalog "Boating Holidays": Download here, browse online or order.

Especially at the Mecklenburg Lake District most of the waterways are navigable without a license with a charter certificate (included at KUHNLE-TOURS). Therefore the Mecklenburg Lake District with its many lakes and rivers is especially suitable for houseboat newcomers.

Charter base in the harbor village Müritz

With the base in the harbor village Müritz directly at the Müritz you start your houseboat vacations in the heart of the Mecklenburg Lake District and can decide for yourself if you rather want to sail through the canals and small lakes of the lake district or if you want to stay on the big lakes Müritz, Kölpinsee, Fleesensee and Plauer See.

But also the other cruising areas around Berlin, Potsdam, Havel and Dahme-Seenland are suitable for beginners and we offer you the right boat in each area.

Discover France

In France you can also discover nature without a license and enjoy the freedom of your houseboat trip. From the charter base Niderviller, near the German-French border, you can also expect exciting structures, such as the ship lift in Arzviller or the up to 2 km long tunnels on the Rhine-Marne Canal.

If you would like to learn more about the individual cruising areas, then you will find detailed information on all regions as well as cruise suggestions for your vacation in our cruising areas section.

Houseboats for rent in Müritz harbor village
The right houseboat for your crew - houseboat vacations made easy

Which boats are suitable for my boating vacation?

All our houseboats are also suitable for houseboat novices, because they are easy to maneuver and specially designed for charter operation. Almost all of our houseboats have a hydraulic bow thruster (some also have stern thruster and joystick steering) and are therefore ideal houseboats for all beginners, even without a boating license.

Thus you can choose your houseboat according to your personal wishes. If you are planning a vacation with a larger group or family, then you will find the right boat from 2 to 12 persons for your vacation in the various models such as Kormoran, vetus or Pirate.

If comfort and joy-stick steering are important, then the Aquino is the right boat for your vacation. But also our Kormoran houseboats offer a lot of comfort and individual design possibilities. For example, you can turn two single beds into a double bed in just a few steps, depending on the needs of your crew.

Febomobil - The vacation home on the water

If you don't know yet whether you want to rent a vacation home or a houseboat for your next vacation, the Febomobil is the right choice. Here you can combine the living feeling of a vacation home with the freedom of a houseboat. For example, you can enjoy nature to the fullest on the large roof terrace of the Febomobil 1180.


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A houseboat is big

True, our largest Kormoran is 15 meters long and 4.35 meters wide, yet easy to steer and thanks to bow thruster, excellent to maneuver. A lock is about 40 meters long and 5 meters wide. There you have parked with your car already in smaller parking spaces or? So don't be afraid and enjoy the size of the boat!

Are there many other boats on the water?

Compared to road traffic, there is nothing going on on the water. Almost everyone is moving at the same pace as you. And it's not uncommon to find yourself alone on a secluded channel with a few gray herons and beavers.

Do you have to know how to navigate?

No. You will be provided with informative maps on board. So it is virtually impossible that you get lost on the Mecklenburg and Märkische waters or in Berlin and Brandenburg. If you can find your way around in normal traffic, you will also be able to do so on board. There it is rather easier, because on the water everything goes much slower.

And if I don't react quickly enough?

Take it easy, on the houseboat everything goes much slower than you are used to. You're traveling at ten kilometers per hour, so there's always time to think again. And if you need a little longer? Just pull over.

I don't know the rules on the water!

Fortunately, boating was invented before bureaucracy: Traffic rules are usually governed by logic and reason, so common sense will help you figure them out as if by itself. Besides, a look at the sticker on the driving stand will help you. There, all traffic signs are shown and their meaning is explained briefly and concisely.

A houseboat is also small

True, compared to a house, a houseboat is smaller. But you will be surprised how much space you have on board. Standing height almost everywhere, lots of easily accessible lockers, large beds, a foredeck, a quarterdeck, room to retreat even when fully occupied.

Can I prepare for the houseboat vacation?

Of course! For beginners, we recommend the charter primer from Quick Maritim. The small book was created in cooperation with our instructors and introduces you to the boating world in a good mood for 7,80€.