Fishing vacation on a houseboat

KUHNLE -TOURS offers a special fishing holiday.


With our fleet of boats we guarantee that you will find the right boat for an exciting fishing trip on the lakes. We would like to advice you about an offer which matches your expectations and recommend the right boat for you and your crew. We can also provide dinghys to fish in the normally inaccessible areas. You can decide for yourself where you wish to sleep!

We will arrange all the required fishing licences. For beginners without state fishing licences we can arrange tourist fishing licences.

Many of our customers, who are new in this area, appreciate a head start by using the services of a fishing guide. These guides are consultants, coaches and fish finders all in one and can make a difference in your fishing holidays. 

Whether with family, friends, acquaintances or a boys trip your fishing vacation will be unforgettable!

fishing areas

Mecklenburg small lakes

Ein Hausboot hält an einem Steg in romantischer Atmosphäre. Die Sonne spiegelt sich im See.


The luxury of being on holiday and sleeping above the best fishing spot. The small lakes offer an abundance of fish, from bait fish to specimen pike. You will find everything here. Because all of the small lakes are connected you can explore a new fishing area every day and eat a different fish every evening!

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Mecklenburg Great Lakes

ein Bootsanleger


The Great Lakes are a fish heaven. Whether you want to catch fish or just buy fish for dinner, this area provides a wealth of delicious fish. Müritz, Kölpinsee, Fleesensee, Plauer See and many tributaries offer the most wonderful scenic fishing and a variety of different species.

There is public transport from Müritz to Plau.

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das Hausboot Kormoran auf einem masurischen See

The Masurias are a paradise for fishers. The Masurian Lake District, a leading European area of beauty, extends from Mauersee to Spirdingsee and covers approximately 600 square kilometers in area.

The main fish species are: pike, perch, bream, tench, bleak, whitefish (whitefish), rudd, roach, eel, burbot, walleye, catfish and carp. The large pike is the most popular fish for foreign fishers. The best time for fishing Pikes is June near the shore and in the height of the summer and autumn in the deeper waters.

There are many interesting areas to fish. For fishing you need a special permit, which you can purchase on site.

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fishing boats

vetus 1000

Auf einem von Bäumen gesäumten See fährt ein Hausboot mit einer Familie an Bord.

The vetus 1000 has a spacious sun deck, there you can fish easily during the day and night. There is plenty of space for rod, reel, bait and turn signals. We provide a good sized fridge in the well equipped galley for your catch and an additional cooler and a smoker on board so you can have your catch preserved or kept cool fresh. 

The boat has a shallow draft and is suitable for flat water.

With two cabins, the boat is very well suited for families or for couples .

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Ein Hausboot im Stil eines englischen narrow-boats fährt über einen Waldsee.

The Welle is a slightly smaller boat and great for fishing with two or three persons. It is specially equipped for fishing with a fish finder and a depth sounder and has a very powerful cooler for preserving the catch (volume 33 to 60 l, to -18 °C).

With a standing height of 2.00 m, the galley is a very comfortable place to prepare delicious fish dishes on the 3-burner stove or in the oven.

The Welle has no separate sleeping cabin, but the saloon converts into a comfortable sleeping area.

The shallow draft of only 60 to 70 centimeters makes this boat ideal for boating holidays in the Mecklenburg inland waters.

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Hausboot im Stil eines englischen Narrow-Bootes: die Kinder

This traditional house boat is in the style of an English Narrow boat. It is a simple boat for couples or small families. It is on one level with no steps. The boat is built flat, so it can slip through even under low bridges and reach fishing spots, that other boats are not able to reach. Of course, the Kuinder has hot and cold running water, toilet and shower.

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Рыбалка с солнечной террасы

Angeln auf der Aquino 1190

Angeln auf der Kormoran

Angeln auf der Kormoran

Angeln auf der vetus

Our fishing tips for different seasons


With rising temperatures in March/April the pikes begin to come together in the low water but he bigger ones stay in the deeper water. Trolling at the edge of low and deep water you can catch the big pike.
The pike perch and perch are located at the low water areas. In smaller lakes the carp becomes more active – especially the spring is the perfect time to catch a carp.


The peak of the summer is the legendary perch hunt on the Müritz and Plauer See. The perch hunt the smaller fishes up to the surface, where the seagulls are waiting. You should look for hunting seagull swarms, which will show you the right spot to catch a perch. Especially bigger perchs stay in lower water to eat crabs. In algal fields or harbors you have good chances to catch a fish too.



The perch hunt lasts to the end of fall, so keep having an eye on seagull swarms. With the fall of temperatures the fishes begin to swim deeper. Especially the pikes try to eat as much as they can. Trolling is now very successful. For carp fishers it is the most interesting time of the year. Before the dormancy period the carps stock up with food, so you should chum fish and observe.


Non-predatory fish fishing is only possible in the harbors along the bigger lakes. The biggest pikes are fished in the coldest season. Trolling or with a bait under the ice – the winter can bring many surprises. Pike perch and perch are now located in the deeper areas of the lake.

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