Vacation far from the hustle and bustle

While with air and train travel only the right of the strongest applies and it comes to hours of waiting in a crowd irresponsible in Corona times, everything runs with KUHNLE-TOURS as it should.

Almost the whole week the houseboats are handed over to charter crews, theoretical and practical trainings in boat handling and technique are held, the sets of bed linen and towels are given for cleaning, boats are cleaned, small and big repairs are carried out, boats are filled with diesel and fresh water, sewage is sucked off, filters are changed, gas bottles are exchanged and the many other things are done that belong to the operation of a houseboat rental with attached shipyard, harbor, motorhome site and gastronomy - and all this without crowds and hectic.


What is different at KUHNLE-TOURS?

That we can guarantee such an operation is due to the vacation form "houseboat vacation".

On the one hand, it is so that one is usually with family and friends on a boat and also stays in this group on his boat - because the main attraction of the houseboat vacation is the houseboating itself and not the visit of excursion destinations. This reduces the risk of contracting the disease from other vacationers.
Furthermore, each boat has its own bathroom and kitchen on board, so there is no need to dock at ports at all. Instead, you can anchor on the lakes - so instead of crowds of people, we have crowds of water!


supportive measures

Of course, it is not possible to avoid contact with other guests or even our employees everywhere.
In order to keep the risk of infection as low as possible, we have taken supporting measures:


  •     masks are compulsory on the jetty and in the marina office
  •     only one person from the crew is allowed to attend the briefing indoors
  •     during the briefing in the outdoor area two persons of the crew may participate