Houseboat vacation with the family

On a houseboat, there is enough space for the whole family, whether it's just mom and dad or the extended family. We have boats for up to 12 people. Our family-friendly houseboats offer plenty of space and comfort for young and old.
As you spend most of your time on a houseboat, there are always new things to see and experience, so there's never a dull moment for young and old. Excitement, action and relaxation for the whole family await you on the lakes.

From what age can children get on board?

Houseboat vacations are a great adventure for children of all ages, as there is so much to discover and do. However, depending on the age of the children on board, you should bear the following in mind:


  • Children between 8 months and 2 years need a personal babysitter when they are awake.
  • As soon as children understand the first rules, one person should always keep an eye on the toddler. 
  • Children should always wear a lifejacket appropriate to their size and weight on deck. (You will receive the appropriate lifejacket during your briefing).

Is there enough variety so that there is something for everyone?


There are many different ways to pass the time on a family vacation on a houseboat. Whether on an exciting voyage of discovery on board or on land, there is plenty of action as well as relaxation, as you can relax in the sun and enjoy the beautiful nature passing by. During a stopover in small villages or towns in the region, you can explore the culture, architecture and various sights. A houseboat vacation offers fun and variety for the whole family.

Houseboat vacation with the whole family
Houseboat vacation with the whole family

Family vacation for everyone - tips for your houseboat vacation with the family: 


  • Fishing from on board
  • Go on a bike tour
  • Bathing/swimming around the clock
  • Discover the sights
  • Culinary voyage of discovery
  • Hike through nature
  • Relaxing on deck
  • Visit museums
  • Canoe trip or SUP
  • Barbecue evenings on board

Are children allowed to steer the boat?

Yes, children are also allowed at the helm of the houseboat, but a parent is still responsible. So take the wheel together with your child and enjoy your time together on the water.

Can family members with physical disabilities also come on board?


Yes, houseboat vacations are suitable for everyone, and we also have boats with certified accessibility for passengers with physical disabilities. Our Febomobiles 990 and 1180 offer enough space and comfort for wheelchair users so that you can enjoy your vacation without restrictions. 

Care has been taken to ensure that the steering position can be driven under so that wheelchair users can also steer the houseboat. Inside the boats, care has also been taken to ensure that the doors are wider, the bathroom is barrier-free and everything is on one level.


Is there enough space for the whole family?


There is enough space for the whole family on KUHNLE-TOURS houseboats. Some of our houseboats such as the Kormoran 1500, the vetus 1500 or the Pirate 1200 G even offer space for up to 12 people, but smaller families will also find the right boat for their vacation with us.

Areas & boats for families

family-friendly areas

Mecklenburg Great Lakes - The Blue Quartet

Auf dem Plauer See mit KUHNLE-TOURS Urlaub genießen

Leisurely crossings across wide lakes, no locks and only a few bridges make the large lakes an ideal houseboat area for families with children.

Mecklenburg Great Lakes >>


Mecklenburg Small Lakes

Auf den Mecklenburgischen Kleinseen mit KUHNLE-TOURS bei Sonnenuntergang entspannen.

Pristine landscapes, rivers and canals connecting one lake to the next. The more than 300 lakes offer pure variety and perfect conditions for young and old nature watchers as well as for all bathing enthusiasts.

Mecklenburg Small Lakes >>


Alsace - Lorraine and Moselle

Hausbooturlaub in Frankreich mit KUHNLE-TOURS erleben

Historic hydraulic structures, the large Réchicourt lock, the St. Louis-Arzville boat lift. Aqueducts and long tunnels make the hearts of technology enthusiasts beat faster. Attractions on land such as glass-blowing workshops as well as small villages with ancient buildings are a paradise for young and old explorers alike.

Alsace-Lorraine >>



The Peene, Bodden and Achterwasser are perfect for recreational captains: no locks, hardly any bridges, little current, but water lily fields, beavers and gray geese, old Hanseatic towns and fashionable seaside resorts. The area is a mixture of calm rivers, idyllic inland lakes and sheltered coastal waters. The spectrum ranges from the gently rolling hills of Mecklenburg Switzerland to the marshy river landscape of Western Pomerania and the Baltic Sea island of Usedom with its beaches, forests and meadows. You can even explore the Szczecin Lagoon with our boats!
Malchin >>​​​​​​​

family-friendly boats

Kormoran 1140: suitable for 6-8 persons

Kormoran 1140 fährt mit aufgestelltem Sonnensegel über die Müritz


This excellent steel houseboat has a traditional style with all the modern equipment. There is a cabin in the bow and stern and the saloon is in the middle with a perfect panoramic view. The large bathing platform with guider is essential for all bathers.

more information >>

vetus 1000: suitable for 6-8 persons

Auf einem von Bäumen gesäumten See fährt ein Hausboot mit einer Familie an Bord.

The vetus is a modern houseboat and offers plenty comfort for the smaller budget. The vetus has a large saloon and a comfortable helming area. The two rear cabins are adjacent, so that your kids are always close at hand. A swim platform with guider offers safe bathing.

more information >>


Kormoran 1280: suitable for 7-9 persons

Luftaufnahme von einem Hausboot

Large families or multiple generations can travel together with our Kormoran 1280. This spacious boat has three cabins with ample space and comfort for discerning guests. On the large sun deck with sun shade there is room for everyone. On rainy days there is space in the saloon for everyone to eat and play games together. 

more information >>

Haines 1070: suitable for 4 -6 persons


This is the perfect yacht for families. The modern (synthetic) houseboat is equipped with two cabins, two helm stations and a cozy lounge in the middle of the boat with comfortable upholstered benches. There is also a swim platform, guider and an additional outdoor shower.

more information >>

Febomobil 990: suitable for 2-4 persons

das Hausboot Febomobil 870 auf einem kleinen See mit einer Familie an Bord


Enjoy the feeling of living in this floating and moving house. The boat feels like a floating bungalow and is suitable for all the rivers and lakes. 

more information >>

Boats for two or more families

Haines 1070: suitable for 4 to 6 people

It is the perfect yacht for families. The modern (plastic) houseboat is equipped with two cabins, two cabins and a cozy saloon amidships with comfortable upholstered benches. Of course, there is also a bathing platform, ladder and additional outdoor shower.

Boat Haines 1070 >>

Aquanaut Vintage: suitable for 10 to 12 people

It is the perfect yacht for families. The modern (plastic) houseboat is equipped with two cabins, two cabins and a cozy saloon amidships with comfortable upholstered benches. Of course, there is also a bathing platform, a ladder and an additional outdoor shower.
Boat Aquanaut Vintage >>

vetus 1000: suitable for 6 to 8 people

Spaß mir seiner Familie auf einem Hausboot von KUHNLE-TOURS haben

The Vetus is a modern yacht-style houseboat and offers sufficient comfort for a family with its large saloon and steering position, even on a smaller budget. The two cabins in the stern are next to each other so that the little ones are always close by. A bathing platform with ladder offers safe bathing fun.

Boat vetus 1000 >> 


Nicols Estivale Octo: suitable for 8 to 10 people

Easy living on the water is the promise of this yacht from the French company Nicols with stepless entry at the stern. It has 4 cabins, 2 WCs, 2 showers and 2 steering positions.
Boat Nicols Estivale Octo >>

Pirate 1200 G: suitable for 9 to 12 people

The new Pirate 1200 G boat type is specially designed for large crews and groups and has its own Wi-Fi hotspot. Thanks to LTE/4G and 5G, Internet access and probably also TV reception are guaranteed. It has 12 beds, 3 cabins and 2 bathrooms.
Boat Pirate 1200 G >>

Aquino 1190: suitable for 5 to 7 people

The technical progress and comfort have a new look, the Aquino is a real eye-catcher with a boat layout that reveals its finesse at first glance. Ideal for two couples or families. It has 5 beds, 2 cabins and 2 bathrooms.
Boat Aquino 1190 >>

Multi-generation boats

Kormoran 1500: suitable for 10 to 12 people

Eine Kormoran fährt über einen See.

This very comfortable and spacious traditional-style houseboat is the flagship of our fleet. Your ideal boat if you are traveling with several families or couples. It has 12 beds, 4 cabins and 4 bathrooms.
Boat Kormoran 1500 >>

Febomobil 1180: suitable for 5 to 7 people

Das größste Febomobil, perfekt für Familien oder Menschen mit eingeschränkter Mobilität. Nehmen Sie Ihr schwimmendes Ferienhaus dort hin, wo Sie sein möchten. Außerdem verfügt es über 5 Betten, 2 Kabinen und 2 Badezimmer.
Hausboot Febomobil 1180 >>

Kormoran 1280: suitable for 7 to 9 people

Luftaufnahme von einem Hausboot

This modern houseboat in traditional style with 3 cabins, 3 bathrooms and 9 beds is the ideal boat for two or more families. The saloon and steering position are elevated amidships so that all family members can enjoy a perfect all-round view, whatever the weather. The large bathing platform with ladder is indispensable for all bathing enthusiasts.
Boat Kormoran 1280>>

Febomobil 990: suitable for 3 to 5 people

Vacation home and boat in one, the Febomobil makes it possible: a mobile houseboat feeling! Also bookable for people with reduced mobility.
Has 5 beds, 1 cabin (barrier-free) and a bathroom.
Housboat Febomobil 990 >>

Pedro H2Home: suitable for 4 to 6 people

The Riverlodge H2Home offers optimized cruising pleasure thanks to a bow thruster. It has 2 cabins, 6 berths and 1 bathroom with shower and WC.
Housboat Pedro H2Home >>


Family discount

  • 5% discount, if a child under the age of 18 is on board at the time of departure

Group discount

Would you like to go on tour with more than 12 people or do you prefer separate boats? Then you will benefit from our group discount! It is important that you book the boats all for the same period and from/at the same charter station. We then grant the following discount per boat:


  • 5 % discount when booking two boats
  • 10 % disconut for bookings of three or more boats

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