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Have a wonderful time together with your family and spend time on a houseboat with KUHNLE -TOURS. Our family-friendly boats offer comfort for every age. If with the whole family or just with mum and dad, holidays on the water are very special for kids. A boating vacation - a child's dream come true.

family-friendly areas

Mecklenburg Great Lakes - The Blue Quartet

Plauer See mit Hausboot


Beautiful crossings over large lakes with no locks and just a few bridges make this area perfect for families and children.

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Mecklenburg Small Lakes

Ein Hausboot hält an einem Steg in romantischer Atmosphäre. Die Sonne spiegelt sich im See.


Unspoilt nature, rivers and connecting canals from one lake to another. Over 300 lakes offer a variety of possibilities and perfect conditions for nature watchers of all ages.

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Alsace - Lorraine and Moselle

das Hausboot Kormoran hält an einem Ufer in Lutzelburg


There are several significant, historic water constructions in this area; the large lock of Réchicourt, the boat lift of St. Louis - Arzville and the aqueduc. Be amazed by these engineering feats. 

Ashore there are many attractions, such as glassblowing workshops and many small villages with ancient buildings to fascinate young and old explorers alike.

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Adventure Land - Northern Poland

Ein Hausboot fährt auf der Weichsel an Marienburg vorbei.


Good fishing grounds, a spectacular diversity of birds like sea and fish eagles, jousting tournaments and the Harry Potter Festival in Mewe make the Vistula an ideal houseboat area for the whole family. For those who love having fun in the water you should visit the Vistula Lagoon and Spit which offers unique beaches.

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family-friendly boats

Kormoran 1140: suitable for 6-8 persons

Kormoran 1140 fährt mit aufgestelltem Sonnensegel über die Müritz


This excellent steel houseboat has a traditional style with all the modern equipment. There is a cabin in the bow and stern and the saloon is in the middle with a perfect panoramic view. The large bathing platform with guider is essential for all bathers.

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vetus 1000: suitable for 6-8 persons

Auf einem von Bäumen gesäumten See fährt ein Hausboot mit einer Familie an Bord.

The vetus is a modern houseboat and offers plenty comfort for the smaller budget. The vetus has a large saloon and a comfortable helming area. The two rear cabins are adjacent, so that your kids are always close at hand. A swim platform with guider offers safe bathing.

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Kormoran 1280: suitable for 7-9 persons

Luftaufnahme von einem Hausboot

Large families or multiple generations can travel together with our Kormoran 1280. This spacious boat has three cabins with ample space and comfort for discerning guests. On the large sun deck with sun shade there is room for everyone. On rainy days there is space in the saloon for everyone to eat and play games together. 

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Haines 1070: suitable for 4 -6 persons

Haines 1070 mit einer Familie an Bord auf einem See


This is the perfect yacht for families. The modern (synthetic) houseboat is equipped with two cabins, two helm stations and a cozy lounge in the middle of the boat with comfortable upholstered benches. There is also a swim platform, guider and an additional outdoor shower.

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Febomobil 990: suitable for 2-4 persons

das Hausboot Febomobil 870 auf einem kleinen See mit einer Familie an Bord


Enjoy the feeling of living in this floating and moving house. The boat feels like a floating bungalow and is suitable for all the rivers and lakes. 

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