Together with friends, family or colleagues on the houseboat

Spend time with your friends on a fantastic, modern houseboat with KUHNLE -TOURS!

Enough space for everyone. Plenty of space to eat and relax together. We promise an unforgettable holiday! 

But such an excursion is not only an experience for friends, but also for families, clubs and businesses. We also have the perfect boat for a stag party - for example one of the two Pirate 1200, a large Kormoran or vetus 1500 or a large motor yacht - ideal boats. Further down you will find the perfect boat types for groups. And if more and more friends get excited about a trip on Mueritz and Co, just add a boat or even two ...

What is to be considered?

Our boats still have plenty of room for everyone, even with a full complement, so there is always the possibility of retiring for a quiet hour. Nevertheless, we would advise you not to plan for the sleeping berths in the saloon. Otherwise, the following applies: a trip with a houseboat is as versatile as the people on board. Do you love to cook together? Have fun in our well-equipped on-board kitchens! Would you also like to eat well ashore? In the cruise planner (included in the cruise price in Germany) we have tips for restaurants with creative cuisine.

There are crews who discuss all the tasks on board in detail before setting sail for the first time and have a precise plan for the trip, ports and shore excursions. And there are crews who simply arrive, cast off and sail into the blue. Whether you are a planner or a spontaneous sailor, let yourself be filled with nature and team spirit, and the rest will follow. Being a boat crew also means that you don't always have to do everything together. Two strong female cyclists may prefer to cycle the distance between two locks through the forest, some like to while away the anchor break with a book, others perhaps with a SUP board or fishing. Many different experiences result in many stories that can be told in the evening by candlelight in the saloon. What will your story be?

Perfect boats for your group trip

Kormoran 1500 (max. 12 persons)

Das größte Stahlverdrängerboot in der KUHNLE-TOURS Hausbootflotte: Kormoran 1500

A mixture of houseboat and yacht - these are our Kormoran models. They impress with their stable steel construction and hot water heating.

With four cabins and four bathrooms, the Kormoran 1500 offers plenty of space for up to 12 people.

The starter package (bed linen, towels, bath towel, tea towels, dishwashing liquid, sponge cloth, toilet paper) is already included in the rental price. So you can pack your bags full of more clothes or food, as there are plenty of storage lockers and two fridges on board to accommodate everything.

The large outdoor deck is ideal for fishing or spending time together in the sunshine.


Kormoran 1280 / 1290 (max. 9 persons)

Für 7 Personen das KUHNLE-TOURS Hausboot Kormoran 1280

The little sister of the Kormoran 1500 - the Kormoran 1280. Instead of 12 berths, it offers space for nine people with three cabins and three bathrooms. There is plenty of space on deck for communal dinners, sunbathing or even fishing.

The starter package is again included, so you don't need to bring bed linen or similar.

The Kormoran 1290 (max. nine people) is the further development of the Kormoran 1280 and is just as suitable for a group holiday.


Sauna houseboat (max. 4 persons / 6 to 8 day guests possible)

The sauna houseboat is also ideal as a second boat.

The light-flooded salon area provides a bright atmosphere as well as a perfect all-round view. The salon and terrace area are only separated by a glass wall. The sauna boat is equipped with a modern kitchenette (cooker, oven, refrigerator, sink) and a large roof terrace at the stern with plenty of space for tables and chairs.


Pedro Levanto 44 (max. 10 persons)

With room for up to 10 people, the Pedro Levanto 44 is perfect for a family holiday, a group trip or three couples on a private cruise together.

Flexible, this motor yacht adapts to your needs.


vetus 1500 (max. 12 persons)

Das größte GFK-Hausboot in der KUHNLE-TOURS Flotte: vetus 1500

Also suitable for 12 people is this motor cruiser, which impresses with its large amount of space on and below deck: the vetus 1500.

The sleek underwater hull and modern manoeuvring aids such as bow and stern thrusters give the boat good handling characteristics.

The saloon is the focal point and lounge for the whole crew. Large windows provide a bright, spacious atmosphere and all-round visibility.

The galley and steering position are integrated. This way, all members of the crew can experience the trip together and no one has to be alone for sailing or cooking.


Pirate 1200 (max. 12 persons)

Our pirate boat. Originally a vetus model, which we have converted for you. Three cabins can accommodate up to 12 people.

This motorboat offers the salon and the outside deck as the central point of the boat. It is especially popular for stag parties and celebrations of all kinds.


Nicols Estivale Octo (max. 10 persons)

 The Nicols Estivale Octo - Easy life on the water is promised by this boat thanks to stepless entry at the stern.

Aquanaut Vintage (max. 12 persons)

The Aquanaut Vintage attracts all eyes with its unusual width and retro look - an eye-catcher in the style of the famous Hamburg harbour tugs.

This boat from the Dutch Aquanaut forge fulfils your dreams of the ultimate boating experience.

Group discount

You want to go on tour with more than 12 people or prefer separate boats? Then you will benefit from our group discount! It is important that all boats are booked for the same period and from/to the same charter station. We offer the following discounts per boat:


  • 5 % discount for booking two boats
  • 10 % discount for bookings of three boats or more


What is the best way to organize a group trip?

You probably know the situation: you want to get together among friends or family, but you can't find a day when everyone has time. Then how to find a period of time when you can go on a group vacation together? The solution word is early planning. Maybe even a year in advance, set the time period you are going to. After that, everyone should think about what their travel budget is, how much space you need and what standard you would like to have. Get your ideas together and find a compromise. When you have determined these key data, please feel free to contact us via our inquiry form or just give us a call. It is best to appoint a responsible person who will also serve as our contact person. We will be happy to advise you and discuss individual offers with you. Of course, you can also directly check the availability and prices in the period you want online.

If you decide to make the booking, you can take advantage of additional services with us: from the Hafendorf Müritz, for example, SUPs and canoes are available to you as a group for an additional charge.

Shortly before the start of your trip, we will send you travel documents to help you plan your itinerary.

Our minimum stay is 3 nights.

You are welcome to vary the length of stay accordingly.